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Occurred : 3/31/2014 21:20 (Entered as : 03/31/14 21:20)
Reported: 3/31/2014 7:21:40 PM 19:21
Posted: 4/4/2014
Location: Laval (Canada), QC
Shape: Sphere
Duration:4-6 seconds
Two semi transparant spheres cross the night sky.

I was outside on my back porch having a cigar as i usualy do around this time, and i always look up towards the orion constelation towards the west and i saw what appeard to be another sattelite fly by but i soon realized that it was flying "below" the stars wich is unusual but appeard to be dim compared to what they are, almost see through then the second one caught my eye they were an "open hand" apart parrallel to each other.

As they were flying overhead from west to north east one of them, the one on the left changed it's coures towards the left, then sudenly it just "arcd" back to it's original spot and both zig zagd in the sky without crossing pathsuntil they just vanished. The speres had a blueish white glow to them but yet transparant. It reminded me of orbs that i've seen in pictures. They crossed the sky from Orion to the northeast in about 4 to 6 seconds. The size of the spheres i would say are as big as Sirus is in the night sky.