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Occurred : 4/2/2014 20:00 (Entered as : 04/02/2014 20:00)
Reported: 4/3/2014 8:54:04 PM 20:54
Posted: 4/4/2014
Location: South Dennis, MA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:20 minutes
Large "thing" at tree top level over power lines emitting rays of light from many openings/windows, glowing, red & yellow.

I was driving home from a friend's wake at a funeral home at 8pm. I was talking on the phone to a friend. I turned right onto a dark, but fairly well traveled back road to continue about 10 minutes to my house.

I noticed on my left, right at the top of the treeline at the power lines was this really big "thing". It made no sound, & resembled a house or something with a bunch of windows on it. I say windows because there was light being emitted from these windows that put out a sun ray type appearance. It reminded me of a 2 story house that had every light on in every window. It made no sound at all and was very low.

Below all of the "windows" with white rays coming out, there were sporadic, blinking, red and yellowish/orange lights. It was JUST SITTING THERE! If I had to estimate the size, I held up my Samsung Galaxy S4 at arms length, and the "thing" was maybe 1/2 it's size. But there was no movement, nothing.

I had slowed to maybe 5 mph, if that, and was describing it to my friend who I was still on the phone with. I had stopped in the middle of the road and was fumbling with my phone, in the dark, to try to get it to camera mode to take a photo, but 3 cars came up behind me and I had to start driving again.

I got to my house, still on phone, and was on my deck just outside my back door, and I could see the "craft" above the treetops slowly gliding ESE towards Rte. 6A in Dennis by the beaches.

This thing seems to glow almost orange from within, and the white rays along with the blinking yellow and red lights continued. If I dime at arm's length, this would have been the size of the craft as I watched it from my deck. It made no noise, and was very slowly gliding away.

The entire time I was describing it to my friend on the phone.