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Occurred : 7/5/2001 22:00 (Entered as : 07/05/01 22:00)
Reported: 4/8/2014 4:42:18 PM 16:42
Posted: 4/11/2014
Location: San Jose, CA
Shape: Diamond
Duration:20 minutes
Diamond shaped object with white lights rotating in the middle as well as red, yellow, blue, orange lights flashing all over the object.

In the mid-evening to late evening hours of July 5th, 2001, I witnessed an unconventional flying object defy the laws of gravity while parked on a private road located in San Jose, CA. I was accompanied by a young adult female and as we conversed I observed a bright light, (flying in the sky) resembling a star moving from left to right. I had witnessed this type of movement from these bright lights within the same vicinity before, and I started to turn my high beam lights on the object as I had done previously.

As the object moved to the left I would briefly turn the high beams on in my vehicle once, and when it would move to the right I would I would briefly turn the high beams on and off twice (or vice versa). During this flight pattern, my companion was not happy about me showing attention to anything besides her, and was discouraging me from shining the lights towards the object. This went on for a few moments when the bright lit object began to fly up and down as well as left to right.

When the object flew up (moved up or ascended) I would briefly turn my high beams on and off 3 times, when it flew down (moved down or descended) I would briefly turn my high beams on and off 4 times (or vice versa). Also during this time, I observed a red light in the distance flying to left of my vehicle. I did not pay it too much attention as it could have been a plane. Either before or after the lit object began to fly up and fly down my companion observed it as well and said “Okay, now that thing is moving”. I decided that we should get out of the vehicle to witness this bizarre flight pattern. As we stood at the front end of the vehicle, the lit object began to fly towards us at a high rate of speed. At this point the objects light must have reached us, (just like a mirror would reflect sunlight on a person’s face in the daytime) because without saying a word to each other, we simultaneously took a few stuttering steps towards the veh! icle doors in a hurried manner. We looked at each other briefl! y and I mentioned to her “Let’s get the F—k out of here”! We entered into the vehicle and I drove us out of there in an extreme hurry at high rate of speed. On our way out I had calmed down realizing that whatever we witnessed was not in pursuit of our vehicle. Being a young adult male, I decided that it was safe for us to pull over and continue what we set out to do when we parked in this area. At that time, my companion reclined her seat so that she could not look out the front passenger window. I was leaning over the middle console conversing with her when I observed another object (possibly the same object I shined my light at) appear just over the hillside approximately 50 yards away. If I had to estimate I would say it was 100 yards above ground. At this moment, numerous yellow, red, white and green lights appeared on the object and were flashing on and off with a row of white lights spinning around the middle of the object. I could hear rapid clicking sounds as well. At this! point the object ascended approximately 50 yards higher (its highest point was approximately 150 yard above ground) than its original position and then descended approximately 100 yards down to a position of approximately 50 yards above ground. It flew up and down twice before going back to its original position at a 100 yards. It did this in approximately 1 second and proceeded to fly to the right at a slow pace. I could not believe my eyes. I felt as though this was something I should not be witnessing, the equivalence of taking a man before the wheel was invented, and placing him in the middle of a highway with nothing but 18-wheel rigs driving by him with lights all over each rig! We would experience the same feelings with the same expression on our face! I find it ironic that I was not terrified at what I was witnessing, just shocked and amazed. The object repeated the flight pattern three times, but with the last it ascended once and descended once. Just before the! 3rd pattern my companion said to me “Oh god, not this again”.! I repli ed for her to ”Look”, (I was in such shock I could not speak at first), she answered “Oh god”. I got frustrated and impatient and yelled “F----ing Look”! Just as she began sitting to an upright position and looking to her right, the object flew out of view behind a hillside. I witnessed an object in flight that I will forever question and she missed it! I didn’t even have a witness although I was with another person. Sometimes I wonder why didn’t she hear the initial clicking from the lights, or maybe a reflection of the object anywhere. Now, whenever I am outside at night I will look to the sky’s for anything unusual. I often think about that object, what was it, who flew it, where did it come from, who owns it because something has to, where was it manufactured, does it have a monetary value like a car, and where is it now? Is it in a hangar somewhere, a garage or is it destroyed on some desolate planet? Or maybe, it’s occupants are awaiting the rapture so that they can re! veal their role in Human history with lie’s spewing from their mouth. Whatever the case, there is definitely a higher intelligence far beyond our own and our government must have some kind of information that could shed some light on this controversial topic. It is even possible government officials were piloting the object and had a great laugh at my expense. This account is real and there is definitely something of another intelligence other than ourselves in this universe. I have never heard of any other accounts similar to mine and the only thing close to it is from a John Lennon song of a UFO he witnessed while in a NY hotel room. If needed I could provide pictures of the vicinity where the second encounter took place. Also I would be willing to make a composite drawing of the object if needed. I am very interested in knowning of any other accounts such as mine and hope I am not disregarded.