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Occurred : 4/18/2014 22:20 (Entered as : 4/18/2014 22:20)
Reported: 4/19/2014 12:09:13 PM 12:09
Posted: 4/24/2014
Location: Villa Ridge, MO
Shape: Fireball
Duration:1-2 hours
Since my baffling sighting last year, the one I reported to MUFON in July 2013, I have quite often thought about my experience because it not only intrigued me but it was not the typical, "I saw a round flying saucer with blinking lights" sighting.

What happened to me that night was definitely different from any typical ufo sighting I had ever heard of and it was almost unexplainable. I hoped for another day where it would come again while I was not alone so I wouldn't feel so crazy when explaining a huge flying flame right over my head with black gases rolling around in it to people. lol I honestly keep it a little hush because it is so bizarre.

Well tonight, at about 10:20 pm almost exactly a year later, finally, I saw it again and it was moving through the same exact area as I saw it last time, my sisters yard. It was not nearly as close to me as the last one was, therefor it wasn't as large, but the plus side to tonights odd fireball sighting was that my sister and my niece both saw the flying orange flame right along side of me. My skeptical side thought Chinese lantern at first due to its size BUT I quickly changed my mind. We watched it travel through the yard at about the height of the tree line, moving west in a straight line, not up, not down, but mostly straight, much faster than the one I saw last year, it continued a good straight distance then up a little higher to avoid some trees then straight again until it appeared to stop about a mile or two away where it hovered and began slowly changing colors from orange to red to green to a silver/white color while just hovering. Seemed to be a little above the! tree line at this point and way below the skyline. It remained in that same exact spot for at least 30 minutes. After running to the front and watching it from our street for forever. We got in the car to drive to it and at one point had it in our sight directly in front of our vehicle about half a mile up a country road. As we drove straight towards it we came down a hill and when we got to the top, a second or two later, it was no longer in front of us.. just gone. Looked to the right of us, eastwardly, and there it was back in the direction of our house again where we had just left from about another two miles away. Almost as if to avoid us. How did it get from in front of our car to 2 miles away in another direction in a matter of 2 seconds? Again, I am so baffled. We all are! And Last year, even though my sister and niece experienced the huge white streak across the sky about 20 minutes after my first fireball sighting, I am so very glad that someone else finally saw t! he orange flame object that I saw last year! I just wish it wa! s closer like it was last year. Don't get me wrong... It was still very close but not nearly as close as it came to me last year. BUT This time my video worked :) and I have a lot of pictures. Im thinking it was so close to me last time that it interfered with my cell and it also knocked our cable out. This time, there was a little distance so my phone did not fail! But the same exact thing happened where it appears much much smaller in video and pictures than what we visually saw. Also the shape changes in the video and pictures than what we visually witnessed as well. Its so bizarre and I feel like a crazy person when I try to explain it lol A couple pics and the video showed two and three fireballs but we could only see one with our eyes. The shape and movement and all around appearance of what we visually saw is totally different than how it shows up in pics and videos. Its a blatant flame like object when you look at it but in the video and pics it shows up as an orange boomara! ng shaped object and sometimes orb like and even shows up as more than one object in some of the pics and video but visually we could only see one. It is so bizarre but almost identical to my experience last year. The object was way to close to be a meteor or plane.. It was right at the tree line. It most definitely was not a lantern. It traveled straight not up with no wind and too fast. When the video i have is played in slo motion the object is totally different than what we could visually see with our eyes. Matter of fact it wasn't even moving in a straight line on the slowed video but visually, with our own eyes it was traveling straight. The video shows erratic movements sometimes appears to be spinning and jolting up and down side to side but it must have been doing this so fast that we saw something different thru human eyes. When it left and hovered a mile or so away it changed to different colors. This is the 2nd time in the same spot that I have seen this and I a! m intrigued and baffled. Again, i have pics and video.