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Occurred : 5/1/2014 22:15 (Entered as : 05/01/2014 22:15)
Reported: 5/1/2014 9:08:39 PM 21:08
Posted: 5/2/2014
Location: Mountain Home, AR
Shape: Unknown
Duration:ongoing at this time
The moon was covered by a very strange shaped shadow, eclipsing the moon for at least 40 minutes

To whom it may concern, I witnessed this 1st night of May, 2014, a strange occurrence involving our moon.

I was driving on the road and saw the moon was covered to show a sliver(crescent shape); nothing out of the ordinary. I then observed while driving a shadow that was covering the bottom half of the sliver (crescent shape) of the moon hence separating the bottom half from the top.

When I arrived at my destination, the moon was back to a normal sliver and I assumed it was just an obstruction in my line of sight while I had been driving, however I decided to stay and observe the moon to see if maybe my eyes were not playing tricks on me. Low and behold, they were not.

As I was looking at the moon, I saw the same type of obstruction. I can try to describe it logically as much as I can, but the best way I can describe it was this: It looked very similar to the shadow of a hand covering the moon. Not conducive with any other eclipse pattern I have ever heard of.

As of 10:38pm central time, it is still covered. Cloud coverage is not an explanation. I observed the dark side of the moon until it was completely covered, and even now I can still see 100 percent visibility all around the moon.

What I saw was not a cloud; it was most definitely a shadow covering the moon. I had 2 of my friends tell me that they observed the change as well; one actually called me to see if I had seen it because he said it freaked him out; unlike anything he had seen before.

I am an extremely skeptical man when it comes to the supernatural. I believe in such things, but I also am very leery to believe every story I hear.

I will be reporting this to other news sources in the morning.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness, and he seemed to us to be exceptionally serious-minded, and sincere in his description of the sighting event. We suspect that he is a highly reliable witness. PD))