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Occurred : 5/9/2014 21:35 (Entered as : 05092014 21:35)
Reported: 5/12/2014 8:30:59 AM 08:30
Posted: 6/4/2014
Location: Methuen, MA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:10 seconds
Two basket ball type orange/yellow sheres traveling east past a half moon.

I was sitting out back on my porch smoking. I was looking straight ahead dragging on my cigarette when out of the corner of my eye in the direction of a half moon, light caught my eye, (sky lit up). I looked up to the half moon and observed 2 basket ball sized objects flying on my side of the moon.

The objects were yellow/orange in color. I could not believe my eyes. I jumped off the chair and turned to run into my house to get my girlfriend, who just went to bed. I stopped and told myself that it couldn't be. Let me look again to verify. I looked again and there they were traveling east. I estimated the speed and thought I would have a few seconds to get ((girl's name deleted)). I wanted her witness an event of a lifetime.

I ran about 20 feet from the porch to the bedroom and yelled get out here! I then ran back to hope it was still there. They were gone. I ran down to the driveway to look on the other side of the house,nothing.

I wish I would have stayed now. I was so excited. The event was so unbelievable. The 2 objects were moving like they were floating effortlessly, but were travelling in an eastward direction at a good speed. From my sight they were basket ball sized, about 1/4 size of the half moon.

They seem to just appear in that location and were 2 separate objects one behind the other. I made sure I was seeing what I was, by taking that second look. I first thought when I looked away, that I better check in case I was seeing something not there. When I saw them again, I was so excited at what I was witnessing. Unbelievable.

The night was clear in the spot I was looking (south west), with broken clouds to the west. About 60 degrees. I can't help this feeling I had: when planes go by in the sky, they appear to be working hard to maintain flight. These things were so different. You get that distinct feeling that they are floating effortlessly, although traveling fast, interesting.

I am a little embarrassed as, I reported an event that happened in 1988 on May 8, 201, to this website and this happened the next day. I find that a little odd myself.