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Occurred : 5/11/2014 23:55 (Entered as : 05/11/14 23:55)
Reported: 5/12/2014 6:12:13 AM 06:12
Posted: 6/4/2014
Location: Erie, PA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:2 seconds
At approximately 23:55, 2 students witnessed a Large Mulicolor Aura fell in Erie, PA.

I was walking with my boyfriend on Mercyhurst Campus. I looked up in the sky facing West, and saw this very large ball of light. By natural instict, I hit him and yelled, "Check it out a shooting star!" He turned around and missed it. It fell behind a building in a direction toward downtown toward Lake Erie. I thought I explained that it wasn't like a normal shooting star. It was MASSIVELY Larger. Another student was on campus by us and he looked at me asking if I saw that thing fall in the guy. I agreed. And we just looked at each other and he said, "Do you think it was a UFO?" I said, it clearly wasn't a shooting star.

We both discussed and shared Identical description of the falling object. It looked at if a massive form of light was behind a cloud, it changed colors rapidly from like a lilac, to a turqouise, to a seafoam green sometimes more than one color at once, it was just fluidly multiple colors. The size was clearly bigger than! any manmade aircraft. It gasous size was probably the size of our sun during the winter sky. Like the size of one's thumbnail. Big.

We both saw it fall in the same direction, down toward Lake Erie, but it fell behind the large building on campus. It moved quietly and at a constant speed, the direction appeared though as it was crashing, but it fell being the building.

But I guess it best to sum up we saw: A large light source much bigger than a man made air craft crashing through the sky covered in a turquoise/violet/seafoam green light.