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Occurred : 5/17/2014 22:35 (Entered as : 05/17/2014 22:35)
Reported: 5/21/2014 8:49:44 PM 20:49
Posted: 6/4/2014
Location: Sudbury (Canada), ON
Shape: Triangle
Duration:7 seconds
medium grey colour triangle shaped objects

On Saturday May 17, 2014, at 10:35 pm in the city of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, I observed 4 (four) triangular shaped objects, which were a medium grey color against the night sky moving from the southeast on a northwest direction at a slow speed.

The objects did not have any lighting on them, the sky was mostly clear with visible stars in the sky and some light clouds to the west and further south. The objects appeared to shimmer in their medium grey colour against the night sky but not vividly, more fuzzy or hazy.

I could not hear any obvious sounds, which might indicate a regular type of aircraft; it was very quiet outside and no wind.

I observed the objects moving slowly on a north northwesterly direction from my location. I watched the objects for about 7 (seven) seconds when they became obstructed from my view by the tall building I was standing by.

I ran to the furthest edge of the parking lot to visually engage them again but there was nothing there.

I estimate their elevation to be somewhere between 1000 (one thousand) to 1500 (fifteen hundred) feet high. I estimate the size of the objects to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 (sixty) to 100 (one hundred) feet down the longest side of the triangular shape and the back or tail end of somewhere near 125 (one hundred and twenty five) to 150 (one hundred fifty) feet from tip to tip at the tail. They were a stout looking shape with an estimated height of about 50 (fifty) feet tall. The objects were flying in an orderly formation one ahead of the other but not trailing each others slip stream. Each object flew behind and to the right of the forward object.

The objects moved in the direction of the pointed front with the (V) trailing behind or to the back of the objects.

There were no other aircraft heard or seen in the area. I watched the sky for several more minutes but did not see anything else.

The following morning while heading to my car from the hotel, I observed 4 (four) men who were wearing what appeared to be flight suits with shoulder and chest crests but I could not see the detail of the writing on the crests. The suits were zip front tighter fitting than a coverall with visible zipper pockets/pouches on the sides and legs. The color of the jumpsuits was grey but not camouflage. The 4 (four) men got into a plain black suburban type of truck with blacked out windows. For some reason I did not take a look at the license plate to determine if it may have been a military service vehicle.