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Occurred : 5/14/2014 20:25 (Entered as : 15/5/14 20:25)
Reported: 5/21/2014 5:33:31 AM 05:33
Posted: 6/4/2014
Location: UK/England,
Shape: Egg
orange egg shaped object photographed leaving the sun at sunset

I was taking photographs of the sunset from a place called Devil's Dyke which is an iron age hill fort 786ft above sea level.

My camera was on zoom, I was taking photos with approx. 4 seconds between them. I have a photo of the object, clear as is orange, egg shaped and perfectly looks like it has just left the sun. It is not a balloon, water droplet on the lens, passing ball or frizbee.

I would quite happily forward the photo of the object...and the photos I took before and after. To be honest, I would really like to know what it is. I am open minded to extra terrestrial existence, but I am also a skeptic, and this is not a hoax.