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Occurred : 5/13/2014 13:45 (Entered as : 051314 13:45)
Reported: 5/15/2014 9:56:40 PM 21:56
Posted: 6/4/2014
Location: Boise, ID
Shape: Other
Duration:2-3 minutes
Silent Grey Hovering Plane.

It was a normal day like any other. Sun was out and not much of a breeze. We were driving down a very busy street in boise by the mall. I noticed what looked like a grey colored airplane flying low toward us but to the left and slowing down. I commented to the driver that plane looks like its going to crash.

Then as we drove down the 35 mph street the grey looking airplane came to what looked like a complete stop in the sky above some residental houses on a hill behind some big businesses. We had hit a red light. The airplane hovered over the tree line looking like it was decending. I turned the radio down. There was not a sound to be heard, other than the other traffic. We stared at the grey, hovering too low and not moving, way to silent aircraft. I noticed there were no propellers or moving parts of any kind. The tail of the plane looked like it had a double fin, like a car spoiler.

I am a very logical minded person who can find an explanation for almost anything. This dumbfounded me.

I talked with a good friend who works at a crop dusting outfit, and explained him this story. I asked his opnion. He said that sounds like a bona fide UFO.