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Occurred : 5/24/2014 15:11 (Entered as : 05/24/14 15:11)
Reported: 5/24/2014 12:38:01 PM 12:38
Posted: 6/4/2014
Location: Saranac Lake (at local resort), NY
Shape: Oval
Duration:3 minutes
A shiny oval in the sky

I went outside to sit the sun, following a few brief rain showers and while looking up at the cloud's edge to west, I saw a small shiny oval dashing about. The closer it came to me overhead, the neighbor's dog began to bark. This oval went from west to east to south to north and then disappeared from sight going to the southwest.

I noticed a faint halo, like a force field around this object and as it got closer to the sun, a metallic like shine could also be seen. Its speed was tremendous and its ability to turn and twist in different directions was astonishing. It was completely silent and about the size of a jet airliner and probably about in same altitude as a jet airliner.

If I were categorize the object I just observed, I'd say that it is exactly identical to the objects filmed in the 1950 Great Falls, Montana, film, but more oval in shape.