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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/6/1966 12:00 (Entered as : 6/6/66 12:00)
Reported: 5/25/2014 12:32:46 PM 12:32
Posted: 6/4/2014
Location: Sonoma (near), CA
Shape: Cigar
Duration:1-2 hours
Cigar shaped object hovered over Central California mountains.

Sighting #1: It was June of 1965 and I was just out of High School and on my way on a bus to Sonoma California Security Base for high (above top secret) Naval Security training (Skaggs Island Naval Security Base, Sonoma, CA). It was a clear day as the bus rolled through the rolling hills of Central California. I glanced through the right side window where I sat to admire the golden California countryside. I saw hovering over the mountains in the distance a huge object. I assumed it was a dirigible the Navy used to use during the Second World War to observe the ocean front property where they kept an eye open for enemy subs and such. Then I realized it had been keeping up with the bus for over an hour. The mountains in the distance were high, but this cigar shaped thing dwarfed the mountains it hovered over. I knew then and there it was a different kind of craft than a dirigible because I had studied the history of dirigibles because I was trying to design a rescue vehicle using that tech! nology. I knew dirigibles could not move that fast and also realized that dirigibles were not as big as this thing was. Keeping in mind that I was in Central California where things look closer than they really are, it had to be longer than fourteen football fields, it was huge, far longer than any conventional dirigibles being used at the time, or at any other time in military history. I was on my way to a secret Naval Security Base with a Top Secret Clearance, so there was no way I was going to report the incident or I would have been chipping paint on the outside of a submarine for the rest of my Naval career. I was trained as a Communications Tech and knew how to spot unusual objects in the sky (because that was my job). The cigar shaped one was only the first, many more followed. I guess this happened because my job in the military always had to do with Top Secret Operations, and I’m sure they (whoever they are) kept an open eye on everything we did.

I attest to this as fact and to other sightings during the years of my service in the Navy from 1965 to 1972. I hope others have the courage to come forward as I just have and risk being humiliation.