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Occurred : 5/22/2014 21:15 (Entered as : 05/22/2014 22:15)
Reported: 6/4/2014 2:13:29 PM 14:13
Posted: 6/6/2014
Location: Coalinga, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:45 minutes
Sighted multiple shaped craft over California State Hwy 152/I5 on May 22, 2014 between 9:30pm and 10:15pm.

UFO Sighting May 22, 2014.

California State Route HWY 152 East bound to I-5 South bound at Coalinga Road Conditions Clear/ Traffic Moderate / Temperature 65 to 70 degrees F. / Windy

At approximately 9:00pm to 9:20pm, while travelling east bound from San Francisco on California State Hwy 152 towards Interstate 5, my daughter sitting in the front passenger seat of our vehicle asked if I could see an object in the sky. I was sitting in the rear driver's side of our vehicle but looked out the drivers side window and did see a huge, very brightly lit object. It was not a linear shape as I expected to see, but an oblique yet rounded object of massive size with blinding lights.

My husband could not look at the object very long as he was driving, and the lights were so bright, dangerously so. My daughter clearly saw the object and was becoming somewhat excited by it's unique, unexplainable nature. I only had a few seconds of vision before it (or we) moved beyond my line of vision. My daughter in the front passenger seat continued to track the object for several minutes through the front windshield until we moved beyond it and her line of vision was also lost.

Upon coming to the I-5 interstate (approx. 20 minutes later) we took the south bound exit and continued traveling towards Los Angeles. After a few minutes my daughter once again asked if we saw an object in the sky. Initially my vision was again obstructed. I could not see out of her passenger side window so instead I started looking out my rear side window. Off in the distance I could see bright flashes of light and a thick cloud mass. The flashes of light were not streaks of lightening but the kind that is more horizontal and widespread. There was a noticeable tingle in the air and the heavy cloud mass looked like it was rolling.

I asked my daughter if she could see the light flashes and clouds and she said yes, then suddenly I looked towards the front the the windshield and could clearly see a triangular object flying low towards the passenger side of the vehicle.

The object was moving very fast and changing directions and stopping in short spurts. There were bright red and white lights pulsating from the craft. It was not only triangular in shape but the craft moved in ways I had no explanation for. From side to side with no arching and up and down with no regard to speed or conventional pattern.

My daughter was able to track it once again from the passenger side of the vehicle and she also started to film the object while describing it to me. It now looked as though there were multiple objects flying through the sky, some very high and very fast. This went on for some time and I could now smell and see cattle stockades out of my rear passenger window.

The triangular object then flew back across the highway very low and ended up on the drivers side of our vehicle where it stopped near an overpass. We all exclaimed that whatever it was it could cause a wreck flying so low and over the highway with the bright lights on. The lights of this craft were not as bright as the ones on the craft we saw on State Highway 152, but they were certainly bright enough to be a potential hazard and a distraction for drivers.

My daughter decided to report the object to the California Highway Patrol which she called on her cell phone. The time was exactly 10:15 pm and we were at the Coalinga exit. She explained what she had seen and was transferred to the correct person by dispatch. She told them what she had seen and of her concerns about the danger to traffic as well as the unsettling, unexplained nature of the craft. Before she could finish she was abruptly told that there was a airstrip nearby and the receiver hung up.

This experience has stayed with us and has become a very real, yet unexplainable, part of our lives. We have never felt compelled to document an experience like this before. We have never before called the Highway Patrol or Police from a moving vehicle to report something unexplained.

My daughter's video is very dark and it is difficult to clearly see anything but flashes of light. Perhaps someone with better technology can clean up the picture and make out discernible shapes and offer some insight into what we saw and experienced on May 22nd, 2014.