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Occurred : 6/15/2012 22:40 (Entered as : 06/15/2012 22:40)
Reported: 6/18/2014 8:53:47 PM 20:53
Posted: 6/20/2014
Location: Chateauguay (Canada), QC
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3 hours?
I encountered three "people" who walked into a light pulsing space-craft.

While driving down the Chemin-Saint Bernard road on my way to the store I saw, in the distance, what appeared to me to be Police sirens (on the right side side of the road (opposite the train bridge). I slowed down figuring that there must be Police up ahead, maybe an accident etc... as I approached the two bridges and slowed down (both are full sized but only one allows for cars the other one is part of a walking path) I noticed that there were three people all dressed in tight black clothing leaning on the rail of the bridge looking at whatever it was that the Police were doing.

I put on my hazards and pulled over to the side. I got out of the car and approached the onlookers. I took a look myself and didn't see anything except the flashing lights directly ahead, which appeared to me now a little less like "flashing lights" and more akin to "pulsing lights." I turned to the man on my left and asked him "what happened?" the man turned, looked at me, said nothing and then turned his head back to it's original position.

(Note 1: They all had dark hair and eyes) I then leaned forward to see if one of the other two would answer my question and, nothing. One member of the trio was a female and she had shoulder length dark hair. It was also then that I noticed that the skin of their faces was a little odd. It reminded me of what a woman looks like when she puts on a little too much foundation. I didn't think much of it at the time, I was much more curious as to what the Police were doing down there.

(Note 2: There were two males and one female. The two males appeared like Caucasian men and the woman looked like a South-East Asian. Maybe even Mulatto. Another thing I didn't really notice at the time was that their chins were a little bit more 'pointy' than usual and all of them had the same chin.) (Note 3: Their clothing was, in retrospect, very... VERY tight, it was almost as if their clothing was 'painted on' rather than being actual clothing. Their pants were like tight cargo pants but had three big pockets across the length of the leg rather than one. The males and Female both dressed alike.) I wanted to get a better look so I left them and headed to the other bridge via the walking path. When I looked down from the second bridge I saw a Delta shaped object that was "pulsing" red and blue light. The craft itself looked black and very smooth/shiny.

This is when I started to breath a little heavy ... slowly starting to take in what I may be looking at. I have never seen anything like it. The craft itself was about the length of an average tow-truck and about 30 ft wide at the widest area. The craft was silent and made no noise. It also didn't seem to have much impact on the water it was floating above (probably hovering at 2-4 ft tops).

While I was looking at this thing I heard some rattle and rocks being moved around. I looked to my left and saw one of the "people" coming down from the other 'path' (this path is to the left of where I was and is not as clean cut) I shouted to him "You have to see this!" he didn't even acknowledge me and kept walking to the other side and down towards the shore.

(Note 4: These "people" were not aggressive. They seemed not only to not acknowledge me except for a brief look, but, did not even seem the slight bit concerned that I was looking at whatever I was looking at. They walked very calmly. Even when it was obvious that I was about to put two and two together. It was like they did not care.) A few moments later the other two started walking the same path and very calmly headed towards the shore. When they were all assembled below the bridge they started walking towards the craft, female first, and then walking INTO the craft. No doors (at least that I could see/hear) they walked into the craft as if walking through a wall.

The pulsing lights stopped. The craft then started moving (it also began to emit a faint buzzing sound that was somewhat... hypnotic). The craft then switched on a pale blue light underneath it and then started to accelerate slowly to about 35 KM/H towards the Saint-Lawrence.

I started to panic! I had been within a foot of whatever they were. Maybe they would come back for me? Maybe there were others on the way!? I ran back through the path that I had came through, got into my car, jumped into the seat and after a few tries finally got the key into the ignition and took off down the road (turning into Rene-Levesque street). About 5 minutes later... Still breathing hard with a heart that still felt like it was going to burst from out of my chest I got off the road and parked in a parking lot. I took my cellphone from the hand-rest ... I wanted to call a buddy of mine and tell him what had just happened, maybe meet up for coffee... I just really didn't want to go back home! (Note 5: I don't remember turning my engine off when I pulled over, but I might have.) Anyways I looked at the lock screen and it read "1:57 A.M." That was IMPOSSIBLE, the whole experience only lasted at max 15-20 minutes! I looked at my watch (digital) which said that it was 11:08 P.M, I toggled my cars display and the car also said the same (it actually read 11:09 P.M) I drove to Tim Horton's and their clock said 2:05 A.M *If 3 hours really did pass I have no recollection of what happened during that time.

*I do not believe that I was abducted. I have no memories, no physical scars and no headaches etc. I feel perfectly fine, a little shook I guess, but, fine.