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Occurred : 7/3/2014 02:00 (Entered as : 07/03/14 02:00)
Reported: 7/4/2014 6:33:08 AM 06:33
Posted: 7/4/2014
Location: West Carrollton, OH
Shape: Triangle
Duration:4 hours
Strange Mist and Possible Roll Cloud Precedes Multiple Ufo's.

This happened to me last night in West Carrollton, OH. I took the dog out around midnight to find a strange looking cloud similar to a roll cloud moving quickly east. It flowed across the horizon like a giant jet contrail, and stretching as far as the eye could see. However it was tremendously lower and larger than I would expect of a contrail and the consistency appeared more like shaving crème than mist. It had peculiar alternating curls forming intermittently on each side as it continued east. I watched the cloud as it traveled out of my city and was startled by the silhouette of a giant black triangle. It was completely silent and without lighting. I observed the object hovering in front of a cloudbank that was illuminated by the city of Moraine. I decided the combination of this unnatural and eerie cloud formation and the giant black triangle would be enough to finally vindicate me with my wife who finds my interest in the unexplained distasteful. After around five minutes of prodding I dragged her outside. By that time the triangle was gone, the sky was clearing and stars visible. She had been less than thrilled when I described the sighting a few weeks earlier and refused to wait and see if we could spot the craft again. She stormed away, frustrated again by her "lunatic husband". I stared up at the stars where the previously unnoticed and rapidly expanding puffy white clouds where racing toward one another. The moment the door slammed shut two tine white orbs that seemed to have long straight tails streak through the cloud cover. They resembled the little firecrackers in twisted white paper you give you kids to throw at the sidewalk while you light the real ones. I had seen the combination of strange cloud behavior and streaking white orbs recently, so I hoped I could expect to see more. And for the next four hours I witnessed more abundant and varied phenomenon then I ever would have expected. I still hav! e a flip phone with a terrible camera so it was too dark when ! I attemp ted to take pictures. Within minutes a black helicopter with a bright green light came into the area where I was observing the clouds. It was quieter than the Blackhawks I became accustomed to at Ft. Campbell, but bot nearly silent. It hovered briefly overhead, the turned to pursue a thick smooth puff of cloud as it started to suddenly rapidly ascend towards the main cloud cover. The cloud seemed to have a slight glow and as it speed off the rear fanned slightly making it look like a little flying whale. s I lost sight of them quickly behind the tree line. Shortly thereafter, noticed a dim bluish pulsing light coming from the larger group of clouds. The mist settled quickly and I thought there could be craft overhead but when I stared my vision became blurry and my eyes wouldn't focus. Repeated attempts to avert and clear my eyes and observe the object through the mist began to give me a strong headache. By the eerie way they moved and the abnormal consistency I assumed that! something other than then nature was influencing them. However I decided to check around the back of my building as it has less light posts and better visibility, Not sure how long I sat out there, but just when I was about to give up a glowing yellowish white ball of light dropped straight out of the sky, I couldn't judge the distance properly or discern where it came from, It seemed to just materialize at high altitude and drop straight down. However a few minutes a an aircraft ascended at a steep angle from what seemed to be where the glowing ball must have fallen. This craft was possibly unrelated as we are close to an airport. had rapidly flashing red and white lights just as civilian craft, yet it was silent and moved very fast. I remained outside a short time, until my growing headache compelled me to call it a night.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness, and he stated that he did not want to talk about the incident. We found it very difficult to communicate with the individual, and he became quite profane. We wonder whether the report might be a hoax. PD))