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Occurred : 7/4/2014 21:30 (Entered as : 07/04/2014 21:30)
Reported: 7/5/2014 9:05:52 AM 09:05
Posted: 7/5/2014
Location: Katy, TX
Shape: Light
Object with red and green light seemed to be observing fireworks show in Katy mills mall, Katy TX on July 4th, 2014

There was a fireworks show at Katy Mills Mall, Katy, TX, on July 4th, 2014. Fireworks started at 21:20.

Soon an object showed up close to the fireworks and hoovering there, seems like it was observing the fireworks. The object has red and green light. Red light was always on, green light was blinking.

It was hovering still there most of time. It made some adjustment according to where fireworks explode sometime.

It is hard to judge the height go the object in the dark, but seems to me it was at about a little higher than the fireworks can reach. There were thousands of people there. People near my family saw it too.

Once the fireworks finished, it left to north of I10 direction. It moved very fast, much faster than a helicopter.