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Occurred : 7/4/2014 22:00 (Entered as : 07/04/14 22:00)
Reported: 7/5/2014 9:08:34 AM 09:08
Posted: 7/5/2014
Location: Arvada, CO
Shape: Oval
Duration:3 minutes
During 4th of July event, we saw four orange lights moving very slow and smoothly in the sky appearing and disappearing one at a time.

On July 4th, 2014, at about 10 pm mountain time. I was watching the firework display in Arvada Colorado. In the east, off to the right of the fireworks, I saw four orange yellowish lights slowly moving to the right, and then moving to the left in perfect sink. At first I thought it was a part of the show, but after about a minute of watching, I told my wife and she agreed that it couldn't be a part of the show. We both watched as the lights moved very slowly from side to side. Then, while in continued slow smooth motion, one light disappeared and then another light disappeared, and then another, until one light remained. It remained in continued slow steady motion. The other lights then reappeared one at a time until all four lights appeared. Once again, they all appeared to be moving slow and steady from side to side in perfect sink. After about another minute the lights began to disappear one at a time until one light remained. The remaining light continu! ed movement but seemed to dip downward a bit before completely disappearing from site.