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Occurred : 7/5/2014 22:30 (Entered as : 07/05/14 22:30)
Reported: 7/5/2014 9:08:16 PM 21:08
Posted: 7/11/2014
Location: Lexington, KY
Shape: Diamond
Duration:10 minutes
Amber-red diamond swarm of 4 succsessive sightings, each with infant trailing lights, seen over Lexington, KY.

The following sightings were observed by two individuals between 11:30 Est and 11:45 EST over Lexington, KY. Four identical and unrecognized lights, amber-red in color and roughly diamond shaped, with the weight of the diamond pointing downward, appeared from the east, on a low approach, less than 90 seconds apart.

These light configurations, shape, and behaviors were unlike anything either of the observers had previously seen. The lights were at least three times the height of typical commercial air liner lights relative to the apparent altitude and distance, were only made up of one color, amber-red, and did not have any obvious flashing patterns. We live less than 3 miles from LEX airport and are very familiar with mundane commercial aircraft, helicopter, and private general aviation light patterns, color, and flight paths in this area.

All four diamond lights followed the same flight path. The flight path approached Lexington from the east-south east and at a low angle over the tree line. In all four instances, the lights seemed to move slowly over the north-east portion of the city before turning to the due north. They followed the same accent, flying at an approximate 30 degree angle upward, relative to their approach angle. All four diamond lights disappeared in succession, 30 seconds apart and in about one third of their approach time.

In each case, and at a similar point over the city, a small red flash was seen to drop away from the parent lights. These occurred in the same fashion with each parent light, with the exception of the last and fourth light.

The Last and fourth light followed the same path and dropped a similar flash from the parent light and at the same location as the previous three, except, the fourth diamond shape dropped two additional small lights approximately 15 seconds apart for a total of 3 dropped infant lights before turning to the north and disappearing in the same fashion and direction as the previous three.

The infant lights from all four sightings had a visible duration of less than two seconds before disappearing from view. Each infant light was of the same or similar color and brightness as the parent lights, but about one-one hundredth the size. All infant lights had the same angle of drop which was 90 degrees straight down relative to the earth.

Approximately two minutes after these sightings, a commercial air liner made an approach to the Lexington Airport from the east-southeast. This approach seemed unusual, relative to the average airline approach, in that the airliner's approach was unusually shallow.

Additional high level air traffic was observed for several minutes after, moving north-easterly from the south-west, due east from the west, and north-westerly from the south-east respectively, several minutes after the initial sightings.

Both observers are male professionals in their early 50's and college educated.