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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/5/2014 23:00 (Entered as : 7/5/2014 23:00)
Reported: 7/8/2014 1:44:40 PM 13:44
Posted: 7/11/2014
Location: Pueblo West, CO
Shape: Light
Duration:10-20 minutes
10 - 15 very bright lights, stationary and some moving very slowly, up, down, right and left.

We went out on our patio, which faces west. We looked to the south and there were very bright lights against the mountains, which are about 20-30 miles away. There are only 2 very small towns in that area and we normally see no lights from there. The lights in the center of the group were in a narrow pyramid shape. There were several lights on each side, outside of the pyramid.

At first, we thought they were all stationary, but as we watched, some of them would move to the right, left, up or down VERY slowly. There was no color and no sound. There was a cloud above and off to the right of the lights and they, one or two at a time, moved up and to the right until they disappeared behind the cloud.