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Occurred : 7/4/2014 21:00 (Entered as : 07/04/14 21:00)
Reported: 7/11/2014 6:04:17 AM 06:04
Posted: 7/11/2014
Location: Flatwoods, KY
Shape: Sphere
Duration:3 hours
spheres, Redish orange shapes underneath, glowing then disapearing.

UFO Sighting Place: Flatwoods, KY Date and time: July 4, 2014 between 20:30 and approximately 22:30, July 5 apprx. 21:00 – 22:00 In Flatwoods, Kentucky I usually take an hour long walk in the evening for fitness reasons. I decided I would take a slightly shorter walk this night because I was getting started so late and didn't want to walk in the dark too much. After making my preparations, I began my walk at about 20:40. The sun was setting very low in the west.

I was standing on the corner of Argillite Road and Bellefonte Road when I saw the first anomalous objects. The time was approximately 21:00 and the sky was still light, but darkening.

The objects were in the sky in the distance in the direction of the Flatwoods City Building beyond Super Quick. There were two objects moving slowly towards the direction of Russell, to the east. They appeared spherical in the distance and I thought they were odd because their appearance and behavior didn't match to a plane or a helicopter. They were not shaped like a plane, appearing vaguely spherical in the distance and were moving far too slowly to be planes but faster than a balloon would normally travel. Both objects appeared to be dark gray or black in the distance. The lead object had a light on it of an amber/red color that appeared to come from the bottom of the object. The object following behind it was unlit.

Many in the neighborhood were setting off fireworks due to the 4th of July. Many were large type exploding in the air with very loud booms and sparklers and wizzers coming out at 200 to 400 feet up.

On arriving home, my father remarked to me that he saw two objects to the east over the Armco Steel Plant (located in Russell, KY, to the east on the Ohio River) moving east to west.

A few minutes later as I was standing in the driveway watching fireworks, an anomalous red light flew over the house at a high speed from the north horizon towards the south. After passing directly over the area it dimmed slightly, then lit up fully again, then dimmed once more until it could no longer be seen. I called to my father who was watching fireworks on the back porch and he come out with binoculars. About five minutes later, an object of similar configuration did the same, and a few minutes after that another one came. This happened numerous times.

This time, I was able to get a better look at the object through the set of binoculars and could see that there was a dark solid mass of some kind attached to the light. The light appeared to be moving under this dark object which appeared vaguely round or spherical from my point of view. It was at this point that I made the mental connection back to the anomalous objects I saw during my walk. I realized that I had had a daylight sighting of two of these strange spheroid objects, one of which was shining an orange/red light from its lower part and the other of which was not. When I moved the binoculars down, I could still see the dark outline of this object as it flew quickly over the house, so it must have been very close. I would estimate it to have been 30-40 ft. across if it were at an elevation of 1500 – 2000 ft. If it were at this size and elevation it must have been moving completely silently at a speed of about 200-300 kts. All of the objects in this series moved in! a straight line at this speed from horizon to horizon. They made no heading changes but they appeared to dip in altitude as they approached the area and then climb and fade as they came over or passed it.

After this first series of objects had flown directly over the area, another object came in a similar direction from the north, but was flying over an area slightly to the east us rather than directly over us as the previous objects had done. This object exhibited the most atypical and dramatic behavior of all the objects sighted. It appeared to descend and dim its orange/red light, appearing to fade as the others had, but I could still discern the fuzzy outline of a dark spheroid object in the darkness. Instead of totally fading and climbing back up, it slowed down and suddenly lit up in a brilliant fluorescent blue-green green color before descending rapidly and going out of view to the southeast within what seemed to be only a mile or so. We did not see this object again after it did this.

After this happened, a few more of these strange objects appeared over the house in the same course as the previous series, but eventually the activity tapered off after about 22:30 and the objects were not seen again that night. My father and I remained watching for them for a period of about an hour and a half more but saw no more of these anomalous objects.

No sound or noise of any kind could be heard from any of the unidentified objects.

During the course of this UFO encounter, we observed three brightly lit objects which appeared to be satellites. Their direction of travel was approximately, one east to west, one north to south, and one south to north. Planes were observed flying overhead during this incident with red, green, white and strobe lights.

In the course of the incident we managed to capture photographic evidence of the objects, but they are low quality due to the fact that we were taking pictures of distant objects at night with cameras that were not meant for nighttime use.

The next night, July 5th, my father, mother, and grandmother were all out watching fireworks from neighborhood again (the same type as the night of the 4th). In about a similar time frame as the incident of the previous night, more objects of the same kind seen on the night of the 4th were sighted by me, my father, and mother. I also managed to capture a photograph of one of the objects that appeared this night.

The direction or travel was from the northeast horizon towards southwest I kept watch outside the house the next night, the 6th, in case more objects would show themselves, but aside from a dim red light in the distance to the west which faded rapidly, I had no sighting comparable to the previous night's.