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Occurred : 7/3/2014 21:15 (Entered as : 07/03/14 21:15)
Reported: 7/13/2014 3:50:50 PM 15:50
Posted: 7/20/2014
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Shape: Circle
Duration:1 second
Looked like a ship coming out of warp, lasted 1.5 seconds.

Wasn't sure if I should report this due to the shortness of the event but the more I think about it the more I am sure it was a strange event.

For geographic location, I am in the far north west of town in Las Vegas, Nv.

We are far enough north of Vegas that we don't really get the light pollution like down in town so we have a very nice night sky.

We had just gone through a week of clouds and overcast and this was our first clear sky in days and the 4rth of July we had clouds and rain all day/night.

On Thursday July 3rd I was sitting out in my pool around 9:15ish pm.

The sun had set but the sky was still in twilight and not dark yet.

I was laying back looking up at the stars and checking out the constellations.

When in the north sky I saw what I can only describe as a ship coming out of warp going from north to south. It left a streak in the sky about a half inch long at arms length but it was a wide light like a highlighter rather than thin like a pencil.

Now here is why I think this was weird.

I spend a lot of time at night looking up at the sky, I know how falling stars look, I watch satellites go by on a regular basis and I have seen the ISS over dozens of times and know its speed and brightness.

In fact at 8:15ish pm I saw the ISS fly over (south to north) and fade out just like I had seen many times.

Most every satellites I see here are usually going from south to north.

Most falling stars I see are much faster and the streak is much longer and thinner.

I am under the flight path for most military jets from Nellis AFB but they fly from the base to the training range (east to west) over my house then back a little north of me from West to East.

Generally with a lot of noise and very identifiable by their lights and speed.

In fact I was thinking earlier in the night that they were not out doing their regular night time training and the sky's were quiet that night.

I never see flights from the north to the south due to two reasons. The mountain range is very high to my north (Gass and Sheeps peek) and due north of me is actually area 51 and the groom lake complex.

It is a No Fly zone for the normal training flights from Nellis. Even the famed Janet airline flights don't do North to south, they do NW to SE to get to McCarran. And don't fly evenings.

So here is how this went down.

I am in the pool laying back looking up at the stars and due to the way my yard and pool is I usually look north to it being the darker part of the sky.

I heard what I thought was a plane, which drew my attention to an area I wasn't focusing on, when all of a sudden, I see this streak and at the leading edge of it is a bright shiny object.

The streak was only half an inch long and appeared like the old star trek shows where they come out of warp and leave a short light trail.

My first thought was a plane with landing lights but when the trail and light went away as fast as it appeared I looked to the area to the south thinking I would see the plane continue through the stars due to the sky still being in twilight but could not find it.

This is seemed strange to me for the fact that nothing ever comes from our north to the south and the way the light looked.

And I have never seen a falling anything from the North to the South.