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Occurred : 7/22/2014 00:05 (Entered as : 7/22/14 00:05)
Reported: 7/21/2014 10:09:21 PM 22:09
Posted: 7/26/2014
Location: Worcester, MA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:~2 minutes
Four bizarre orange lights in the southern sky over Worcester, MA just after midnight.

At 12:05am on Tuesday, July 22, 2014, I was driving south on Belleview Street, when I spotted a large, round, orange light in the sky to my left…which works out to south-southeast. Best guess is it was about 20 degrees over the tree line. I first thought it was a star, but soon figured it to be too large. Then I thought an airplane or helicopter, but still would have been too large for those kinds of lights. It also appeared to be moving in a left-right-left pattern over a short distance, relative to the object. If you google Belleview street, Worcester, MA, the little green arrow that pinpoints the road on the map is precisely where I was positioned at the first sighting.

As I approached the intersection of Belleview and Chandler Streets, I spotted certainly three, and possibly four more orange lights sitting dead south in the sky, not apparently moving. One was slightly lower than the first one I spotted, perhaps at 15 degrees over the tree line. The other two I am certain of were considerably higher in the sky, one at 75-80 degrees and shading toward the southeast, the other at about 45 degrees, directly below the highest one.

There were no other unusual objects near these, and they did not show any distinct pattern or shine light on anything near to them. My car window was down, and I heard no sounds to possibly indicate their proximity to my position.

I was near my home, so I gathered my head, and sped to grab a good camera. By the time I got back, about ten minutes later, there was no sign of these objects in any direction.

One side observation: on my arrival to my driveway before getting my camera, I looked to the sky to see if they could be seen from my house, but in the general direction of where I saw them, all I could see was a vague pinkish glow behind the shadowed profile of trees and other houses. Couldn’t see any stars in any direction, so I thought it might be clouds obscuring the night sky. When I returned home, disappointed and without pictures of anything, at about 12:30 am the glow behind the silhouetted houses and trees was gone, and there were a good many visible stars in every direction.

I hope someone else reports this so I know I am not nuts.