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Occurred : 7/9/2014 (Entered as : 7/9/14)
Reported: 8/11/2014 2:43:33 PM 14:43
Posted: 8/15/2014
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration:20 minutes
Hello, and thanks so much for your work. I always listen to your reports on C2C.

Technically this is ufo, but I don’t know if it was ‘one of our’s.

About a month ago (this is 8/11/14), I saw an object in the sky that caught my attention. We live in Santa Rosa, CA, and about 3 miles from the airport. It was about 9:00 pm, the sky was dark, no fog.

I noticed out of my second story window that there was an object and I thought it was an airplane coming straight on to the airport. But it wasn’t moving at all, and there was only one light. I laughed at myself, thinking ‘oh sure, you just want to see a ufo. I got my husband to look at it. I kept track of it for about 20 minutes- it’s possible that it moved a tiny bit, but when you are staring at something like that you can be fooled, so I don’t know.

It also seemed to maybe have some periodic flickering colors on the right side. For those 20 minutes it did not change course. When I went to bed it was still there, same place.

It was south from here, very small. San Francisco is 50 miles from here, and I supposed it could be in that direction. I don’t know if I could actually see that far, but it was a dark cloudless night and the object, although very small, was bright.

I figured the angle was about 50 degrees up from the ground where I was.

Now here is a funny thing. My sister lives about 50 miles south of San Francisco in the area of San Jose. I never mentioned this siting to her (I actually pretty much forgot about it). About two weeks ago we were talking and, guess what, she saw the same thing! But hers was a few weeks after my siting. I did not say anything as she was relating it to me; I put my hand over my mouth and let her finish talking about it, and then told her. What a shock! She saw hers later than mine, more about 11:00pm. And hers was somewhere over the Lockheed area (I think a little east from her). She watched hers for about 10 minutes- it did not move. Other than the time and date, and a little more east from her place, it was exactly the same description! Today we were talking about this and I decided to write you.

We decided it must be a drone. Do you know?? I don’t like the idea of drones lurking in the sky any more than an ET.