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Occurred : 9/1/2014 05:00 (Entered as : 09/01/14 05:00)
Reported: 9/4/2014 7:16:22 PM 19:16
Posted: 9/5/2014
Location: Silverton, CO
Shape: Other
Duration:~20 minutes
Silent, stationary (maybe) object; open V shape, tube-like arms/wings of pulsating light

I was camping in the meadow across CR2 (W) of the Maggie Gulch outhouse. Somewhat before dawn (4:45ish?), I noticed a very bright “star” just above the horizon to the east. Figured it was a plane, but it didn't move and the light(s) didn't blink. Rather, the light (looked like a single light) seemed to keep changing from white to green and back, somewhere between twinkling and pulsating.

I watched for 10 mins. or so and finally dug out my binoculars (small B&L, don’t know the specs). When I looked through them, I saw an object shaped like an open/wide V, with the curved apex of the V pointed north. The apex was black (or unlit). The arms looked like long, thin fluorescent tubes that were both completely illuminated with pulsating light, which was variously green and white (as I saw with the naked eye) and some red.

As I watched (15 mins. or so?), dawn started to break and the stars all faded, but I could still see whatever it was ( a variant of the relativel! y common V-shaped UFO?) Perhaps it had moved very slowly a little to the south. At that point, I stopped watching (tired of peering through the binocs) and went back to sleep.