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Occurred : 9/6/2014 00:00 (Entered as : 09/06/2014 0:00)
Reported: 9/6/2014 10:22:54 AM 10:22
Posted: 9/10/2014
Location: Elizabethtown/Louisville (travelling between), KY
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15-45 minutes
Two 3-legged/pronged shaped UFO seen flying along interstate between Elizabethtown and Louisville

I was on a Megabus route from Nashville TN to Louisville Kentucky, sitting on the top level in the very front of the bus in front of the large window. The entire duration of the sighting probably lasted forty five minutes from when I first noticed it but only maybe 15 minutes of it in full sight as it would dip above and below the tree line as we traveled, the craft not in sight for the full forty five minutes. The entire time that it was in my view it was either flying to the side of the bus or directly ahead of the bus to the left side of the interstate.

I first noticed a formation to the right side of the bus that I could not make out what it was, but it was composed of blinking red and white lights almost as an airplane would look, and very far away and high in the sky. At the time the formation was so odd, it was almost in an L-shape, almost looked like an apache, but I've seen many of those fly between where I live in Nashville and Fort Campbell military base, and as it dropped in altitude I realized that that was not what it was. As it continued to drop in altitude and it was still flying in front and to the right of the bus, I could see more detail in the lights and it took on a V or chevron shape. Then as we traveled the craft went out of sight, and that's when maybe 10 minutes later I saw one appear very close on the left side of the interstate. (the shape of the craft was not changing, only what I could see of it and make out. I suspect that my first view of it only seeing the lights in an L-shape, that the cra! ft was actually facing sideways, whereas the rest of the sighting I am looking at the back of the craft as it flies forward.) It would change elevation very fluidly and speed up and slow down. When I saw this craft appear, I realized that it was not a V or chevron shape (that i thought could have perhaps been explained by a B52 stealth bomber-like military aircraft) but that it was actually the shape of a three-pointed star or a three-pronged/legged craft with white lights on the tip of each prong and flashing red lights in the center. That is when I took my phone out and started filming video of it and when it came closer into view I managed a photo of it. The large craft that I watched on the left stayed consistently in view for at least 10 minutes. Then a few minutes later, unfortunately I was not filming at this point, it dropped very very low, maybe only a couple hundred feet above the treeline (created by the wooded area that lined the interstate) and the ambient ! lights from the cars and street lights on the interstate manag! ed to sh ed enough light where I could see the underside of the craft, and that is when I realized that it was not a V shape, but a 3 pronged or legged craft. The entire underside of it was illuminated to a light beige or grey color (I did not see any shine on it) and I could see the full shape of it. When it came so close to the ground I realized it was an extremely large craft and something I would not estimate to only carry one individual, rather a craft that would have been designed to carry either multiple smaller craft or cargo. There were clearly no wings on it or propellers and no other signs of any external mechanisms that could have been propelling the craft. Also, the way in which the three legs of the craft were aligned did not seem to be in an aerodynamic fashion as you would see on triangular shaped military planes or aircraft, but rather a 3-pointed star with the legs equidistant from each other that was able to somehow fly very fluidly and very quickly. I have no! idea what was propelling this craft as there were no signs of any trails or substance (like fuel) being emitted by the craft. I also did not hear any strange sounds during the sighting, or see any kind glowing haze, smoke, or aura. The nature of the blinking red and white lights that adorned the edges and tips of the pronged craft lead me to believe that they were actually light bulbs flashing just as you would see on a plane, but the craft was clearly not like anything man-made that I have seen before, or that has been known to the public as any type of aircraft or drone.

(I tried to also take video or pictures of this instance but my phone camera would not capture the lights as they were not bright enough and too far away.) Then later as the bus was coming into Louisville off the interstate and the large craft on the left had disappeared over the horizon/tree line (it dipped down very low and I could no longer see it) I look to the right of the bus and can see two lights in the distance, just barely larger than stars. I could see the red and white individual lights clustered together and realized that the two 'stars' were actually the craft I had seen, and that there were 2, not just one. For at least a minute, I could watch them ascend and drop altitude, very, very quickly, rising directly upwards and falling directly downwards. They were then very far away with an enormous distance between them vertically. The UFO that was highest in the sky flew ahead of the one below it, then stopped, and the UFO below it flew ahead so that it was i! n front of the one above it. Then they seemed to be changing altitude. Unfortunately by this point the bus was in the city and my view of the UFOs was eclipsed by a building and I could not see them after this point.

During the sighting, I did look at other people who were on the bus with me and could see them also watching the craft, looking perplexed, but as it was between 12am and 1am, most on the bus were sleeping or had earphones in listening to music, so no one talked about it to each other, but it was very clear that others were seeing it as well.

The strange thing to me is that I have google searched trying to find images of the craft that I saw and I cannot find anything like it. I have looked for images of all shapes of UFOs, all known military aircraft new and old, including drones.

As I said, I do have multiple videos and images of the craft that I will try to upload from my phone, but I am not on my computer right now so it will have to be in a few days when I am home. Thank you for receiving my report. I really want to know if anyone else has ever seen something like this before, and what it could be.