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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/30/2014 23:30 (Entered as : 8/30/14 23:30)
Reported: 9/15/2014 9:33:22 AM 09:33
Posted: 9/18/2014
Location: Bigfork, MT
Shape: Circle
Duration:45 minutes
Big balls of light in the sky darting around

So, about 2 weeks ago, my husband and I went outside to let our dogs out. It was probably 11:30pm. We noticed these weird balls of light in the sky. There was a light cloud cover and you could tell they were above the clouds. At first, not knowing what we were seeing we thought maybe it was northern lights, but we were seeing weird balls of light zooming around because of the clouds?? So we got in our car and decided to drive down to a clearing, because we live in the woods, and see if we could see it better.

So we drove about 2 miles down the road and parked at the clearing. The lights were gone, and it was dead silent. All of the sudden the lights appeared in front of our eyes and started moving around. Sometimes they would blink, and sometimes seemed to move in a pattern together. We thought someone was messing with us. We could not believe what we were seeing!

Then all of the sudden.. one by one.. the balls formed into one big ball!. It sort of pulsed and just sat there in the sky for about 20 seconds. Then one by one the balls came out of the clouds and went down into the woods! NO JOKE!!! You could see a light beam coming down with each one of them, until they all went down into the woods, probably a quarter mile from our car. I jumped in my car because I was terrified! And sat there for a few seconds, then jumped back out and stood there and stared. The whole time you couldn’t hear anything.

Then one by one the balls shot out of the woods back into the sky and sort of disa! ppeared. I was so scared, and my husband was also, that we got in our car and started speeding home.

We couldn’t believe what we saw. On the way home they reappeared and almost followed us. We got home, couldn’t see them, again everything was so still outside. We went in, confused, and let the dogs back out. They appeared again almost above our house. These lights, 5 of them, shooting around in the sky.

We took the dogs back in and went back out and just watched them. They moved fast, sometimes together in weird ways, and blinked at times. Finally I went in and came back out and they were gone. I have done tons of research and I see no natural ocurance that could explain this. There wasn’t any lightning that night. What was weird also is that all the dogs out here in the woods were barking. You would hear them way off in the distance. It was all just strange and mind boggling. I did believe in UFO’s before this happened, but never in a million years did I expect to see something so strange.

Well, I told the story to a few people, and then today, one of my friends I told messaged me and said there was a guy in the Kalispell, MT, yard sale, saying he had also saw something strange and was wondering if anyone else had seen anything weird in the sky. I’m tying to contact the guy now.

I know what I saw sounds completely unbelievable. I don’t expect anyone to believe me! I’d be willing to take a lie detector test on this! It was no joke and my husband and I are still confused and have no explanation. We tried to take video and pictures but couldn't capture what we were seeing.