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Occurred : 9/29/2014 21:30 (Entered as : 09/29/14 21:30)
Reported: 9/29/2014 10:16:27 PM 22:16
Posted: 10/3/2014
Location: Frankfort, KY
Shape: Fireball
Duration:10 minutes
I saw a bright fireball moving in the sky for 10 minutes at a constant speed and path.

It was about 9:30 PM. It happened on September, 29th 2014. I stepped outside on my deck to smoke. I looked to my right and noticed a very bright, orange light that had a hint of red to it. I immediately thought it was a plane like the small ones that often fly in this area. I was thinking it was a small 4 or 5 person aircraft like a Cessna or something. However, there were no flashing lights like are commonly seen on a plane. I then thought it might be a helicopter and it was shining some type of bright front light ahead of it in my direction. However, there was no sound. It was moving fairly slow in a horizontal path. It did not waver from side to side at all but continued on a straight course. It was going the speed that local small planes in the area normally seem to go. I then realized that it actually appeared as though it were on fire.

As it approached my house on its course, I could distinguish what looked like flames. There was a central round core of glowing orange light with a hint of red light inside and around it. There was also what looked like two plumes of large orange flames jetting on both sides. As it came over the house I noticed that there appeared to be a dark structure of some sort beneath the flames. It almost looked like there were possibly jet black wings like a plane around the flames and central area of the object. The object left no trail. The object was mainly round except for these two plumes of flames and the two wing-like structures. I became very concerned because I thought this could be an aircraft on fire and in distress. However, there was no sound or any other flashing lights or colors. The only colors were orange and the tiny hint of red. The orange was a pumpkin orange. The red was not a bright red, but a brownish red. The object did not descend or slow down, no! r did it speed up. The speed seemed to be moving in a constant speed and the direction or path of the object did not change or vary. It was going coming from the Northwest and heading toward the southwest.

As it passed over the house and continued past the neighborhood, the flame plumes began to diminish. It almost looked like they were being turned down as if I were turning off the flames of a gas stove. When the flames died down the center of the object was still glowing orange. I could then make out a dark structure of some type that did resemble an aircraft in some way. Suddenly, the central core flickered into what appeared to be two small orange lights. The lights then went out. For a second it seemed I could again make out some type of dark structure. The object was still there and moving, but it blended in with the night sky and passed out of my range of vision. It bothered me a bit. I have watched the skies a lot, and I know what planes look like. I have witnessed meteorites and such often and know how they move and appear in the sky. This did not appear to be a meteorite. It kept a consistent path. There was no sound. The speed was relatively slow. The! event lasted at least 10 minutes if not more. When I first saw it and realized that it was not a plane or helicopter, I called my fiancé to come outside and see it. She brought her phone, and I recorded at least 3 minutes of it on the phone. The video from the phone showed no color. All you can see is a white blob of light. You can hear us talking about what we are seeing.

I did see an object in 2004 sometime over Berea, Kentucky that was rather large in the sky— about the size of a full moon. That object was perfectly round, low to the tree-line, and glowed the same orange that this object tonight did. However, that object in 2004 was much, much larger and closer to the ground. It did not appear to have flames or be burning, it just glowed pumpkin orange. It also moved slowly and in a straight path until it disappeared behind the hills in Berea, KY. At that time, I had never seen anything like that before in my life; and I never expected to again. Tonight, I mentioned on the video that the color and movement reminded me of what I saw in 2004. It was very similar. The object tonight in 2014, however, must have been higher in the sky. It wasn’t near the tops of the trees but was up about whatever height the small planes in the area fly. It was much bigger in comparison to the stars. It was like a low flying plane.

I called 911 tonight to report it because I thought there might be a possibility that it was a plane in distress. The 911 operator told me to call a different number because it was not an emergency. They were not interested in taking a report. I then called the number they gave me, and that number was not in service. I then decided to call the local airport. I got a number there that gave me a hotline to call. I called that hotline number from the recording. I left a detailed message on the hotline number about what I saw. This call was made after 10:00 PM. I then decided I would look on the internet to see if there was a place to report UFO sightings. I found this website and called the hotline and spoke to a man that told me to write up this report. My fiancé will also be writing a report as well since she was there with me and witnessed the event. I also made a post on Facebook to see if anyone had seen the same object.

I would really like to know what this was. It makes no sense. I even thought of a Chinese lantern, but the object was being propelled in a straight course at a constant speed and was as large as a plane. It couldn’t have been a burning balloon or Chinese lantern. I don’t know what this was tonight. I don’t know what I saw was in 2004. I am an educated man with a graduate degree and professional career, and I would like to know what this was. Thanks for your time.