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Occurred : 9/2/2014 22:35 (Entered as : 09/02/14 22:35)
Reported: 9/30/2014 3:06:38 PM 15:06
Posted: 10/3/2014
Location: Heart Lake (in the Flat Tops), CO
Shape: Light
Duration:~2 minutes
Bright light seen in remote area of CO blinked off.

I am a MUFON Field Investigator currently inactive.

On the night of September 2nd, I was camping out at Heart Lake (altitude 10,750') in the Flat Tops, a remote area north of Glenwood Springs, CO. Location 39'46"15.15 degrees north latitude and 107'19"8.20 west longitude. The sky was almost completely clear and the moon was in the 1st quarter and quite bright. As usual, I was doing a sky watch as I have had several good UFO sightings up here in the past during previous camp trips here. At about 22:35 hours I noticed a bright light below and to the right of the 'pointers' in the Big Dipper, about 10-15 degrees above the horizon. Knowing there were no bright stars in this area I watched the light, which appeared motionless at first. After a minute the light began to move slowly towards the west, too slow for an aircraft or satellite. During this time an aircraft did fly over, moving much faster than the light. I remember thinking that I hoped it would ! do something to show me it was a UFO. After a minute I turned to grab my binoculars to get a closer look at the light and when I turned back it was gone. I scanned the sky with the binoculars in the area where I had last seen it and there was nothing there. No flashing lights that might have indicated a conventional aircraft, no clouds around that it might have gone into. I have seen lights like this several times before in CO and also in AZ, so I believe this was a probable alien craft.