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Occurred : 10/2/2014 03:00 (Entered as : 10/02/2014 3:00)
Reported: 10/2/2014 11:36:50 AM 11:36
Posted: 10/3/2014
Location: Mariposa, CA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:45 minutes
Motionless bright twinkling red and green lights in the southeast horizon of the sky.

We live just outside of Yosemite National Park in a small rural town in the foothills. It was Thursday, October 2, 2014, between 2:30 am and 3 am. I was looking out of my bathroom window towards the southeast sky as I sometimes do to admire the night sky. First I noticed that the Big Dipper was very bright and then something right below it, near the horizon, I noticed a ball of colored lights twinkling. At first I thought it was an airplane but it didn't move. It just twinkled bright red and green lights. I knew couldn't be a star because all the stars are bright and white.

I went to the livingroom to get a pair of binoculars to go outside to view it from my patio. My husband was still sitting at his desk at his laptop as I told him what I was doing. He went outside with me to see if we could view it better. Sure enough, there it was...still shinning brightly with red and green lights, like a small ball just twinkling on the horizon looking southeast of our house. It never moved from the spot just below the Big Dipper and the rest of the stars. In other words...its position only moved with the earth's rotation.

Since my husband works nights and doesn't get home until approximately 12:40 am, I'm usually up waiting for him to get home. We don't head off to bed until some time after 1:30 am and 2:30 am. So we will probably look again for this bright twinkling ball of light tonight.

By the way, my husband called a friend who is a deputy sheriff on duty until 6 am. He acknowledged seeing the same ball of red and green lights in the sky in the same direction as we did.

I hope I've provided enough information that is needed to investigate this unusual sighting. Thank you.