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Occurred : 9/14/2014 23:00 (Entered as : sep14/sep2 23:00)
Reported: 10/4/2014 7:53:06 PM 19:53
Posted: 10/10/2014
Location: Azusa (East Fork), CA
Duration:2-5 hours
strobing light effects similar to what you described on coast to coast happened for hours two nights

Peter, you mentioned on Coast to Coast in the last few days someone seeing what seemed like (your words on c to c were better) very fast flashing strobe lights. This happened on 2 nights, one was the 19th or 26th of August and again in September, about 5 weeks later. While I did not see a saucer, it was strange that o could not locate what was creating the lighting effects.

This is long but I am trying to get in the many details that were not the usual things I heard and saw almost every Tuesday night for the past 5 or 6 years that I have slept in my car by the river at East Fork, San Gabriel River, up from the city of Azusa, in Los Angeles County.

The first years a lot of prospectors stayed there, but the last few years, most of the time I am completely alone. I have some Google Earth photos of the spot if you want them by email.

This is a river fork off Hwy 39, where the highway runs along the top of a steep edge with paths down to the water in the national forest. I am so alone there most of the time the lst few years that, unless people have seen bears, I leave the car windows down and do not lock the doors or even display my forest pass. I park near a forest service rest room near the 4.96 mile marker on East Fork Road. The right side seats on my Honda CR-V go down flat to make a bed thatis very comfortable. I always leave the radio on low playing coast 2 coast, and I usually fall asleep part of the time, and miss some of the program, then later wake up and hear the parts I missed. I also an doing research on subjects related to Sitchin’s work, and I almost always have a book that I read if I wake up and can’t sleep, and I mark pages and sentences related to my work.

I am so familiar with the noises, and often complete absence of any sounds at all, that any unusual noise wakes me up. Though people have reported UFO’s, the reports I have heard are not likely to relate to UFOs.

I am quit familiar with UFO activity from being a volunteer at UFO and free energy conferences for over 20 years, and going on a lot of trips to spots considered active that few people go to.

Several weeks before the first event, two men parked their trailer across the road from where I camp, and leave it to go prospecting in the evenings and during the night. They leave one dollar store yard light stuck in the ground. Sometimes a truck was left hitched, other times just the trailer was there.

Either way from where I park, it often looked like there was some light escaping from a covered window in front of the trailer. The steep rock faces on both sides of the river seem to be covered with foliage, but when the moon is up the rock face reflects some spots that seem very bright, and you have to know the area to be sure if it is moon or headlights coming down the road to up on a higher road that winds up to connect with other roads. The slope down the rock face to the river level is so steep and the rocks so solid that you never hear the flow of the river on top by the highway. You have to get out of the car and walk right to the edge to hear anything at all and the water level is so low this summer that you can hardly find a place deep enough to get your body all wet.

I was in Army Intelligence, and pay attention to out of place things, and for some reason when I wake at night I always want to a analyze what woke me, and if there are lights, what the source of them is.

Where I put the radio on the dash it sometimes needs to be angled to eliminate a buzz, but most of the time the reception is crystal clear. It was the week before and the week after the first incident, that there was radio interference different from any I had ever heard. I changed to a different radio and still heard it.

The night I think was September 14th, the radio was fine. Before I went to sleep, I thought I saw a sort of very fast strobe light in the sky to the west, but it was so fast and the sky was still somewhat bright, so I could not be sure if I had seen it or my eyes were playing tricks on me. It was an extremely quiet night and I woke up later, turning over in bed, and I thought I saw the light again, this time from someplace by the drivers side back fender. You know when you have a light source you look at and then away, and you see a dark outline of the object, drifting away in a different place? And sometimes there are several overlapped images fanning out? Well each time I saw the faint light strobes I saw 30-50 overlapping thin lines like part of a Japanese fan, with the lines going to someplace out of the frame where you assumed they were connected with a pin so the fan could fan out. But I could never see the bottom half of the fan segments, and it would move around! fast. Sometimes I did not hear the sound even though there was no sound at all outside. I would turn off the radio for a few minutes so I could hear carefully.

That first night, after the 4th or 5th time I woke to this, I began to think that the sound was caused by a source that reflected off of the metal parts of the trailer or other metal objects such as the large iron trash cans. And by then I was certain that there was a bluish tint to the strobing lights, as faintly as I could see them. It was the fact that the light always seemed bluish, when nothing else ever did, that made me think it was something real.

The second night I saw and heard this, was about 5-8 weeks later when I came out of sleep and realized that I was hearing a very low sound of electricity fizzling, like signs neon signs do in cheap horror movies, or arc welding when sparks fly around. I realized then that the low sound was what woke me up, but if I was awake I saw them when there was no sound or it was too low to hear.

The truck was not parked by the trailer, but I was almost certain I saw some pale blue light coming through a crack in that window. Later when I looked over there, I was sure I still saw bluish light, but could not hear any sound. I decided that the men must be inside the trailer working with some electrical device, and that bluish light was coming out the window where blinds did not meet exactly right. Late the next morning they arrived in the truck, so they had not been there during the night.

That night when I used the restroom I did not see the faint strobe light or hear the sound. But I did wake up a few times and hear the sound and see the faint light, and tried to pinpoint the direction of the sound, thinking that would help to figure out the light source. I was not able to do it.

The guy with the trailer had told me the week before that they (forest service or sheriffs?) told him he had to move it to the north fork for 14 days, then he could come back. But he never did come back, and neither did anyone else. Many of the guys up there had no place to go, and the place the guy said he planned to move to, had a nightly use fee that the old prospectors could not pay. Also, it is general knowledge that there is no gold on north fork, and the river is really far from the fee camp. Usually when the old guys were told to get out, they hiked past the paved road to three mile camp or just hid out in the camping places down by the river that were invisible to anyone looking from the top. If they had done this, I would have seen them walking down the road at night to go down to Williams where they had friends at the trailer park.

I think it was the next week that there was the bad buzz from the radio, and I became alarmed, which I almost never do. When they tell people to leave, there is just no one there when I arrive Tuesday nights, and thinking everyone is gone, they do not drive by to check, also, it is the sheriffs that do this, when they do not have jurisdiction on forest land.

Well this is a lot to read, but I want to stress again that it was it was your description of the lights that made me think i should report this.

There have been odd things going on at East Fork for a long time, but I never associated them with UFO’s.