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Occurred : 10/7/2014 23:50 (Entered as : 10/07/2014 23:50)
Reported: 10/7/2014 11:04:22 PM 23:04
Posted: 10/10/2014
Location: Gainesville, TX
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3-4 minutes
We witnessed a triangular shaped object with a light at each corner, stop and fly silently during a blackout.

At 23:05 our lights flickered, grew brighter and went out for about 2-3 minutes then came back on the mid-east side of town. I went outside, saw nothing unusual but after about 5 min., heard sirens for several minutes. I stood on the porch with my grandaughter for a few minutes more then returned to my bedroom.

At 23:40 our electricity turned off again with no flickering or warning. We went outside again and neighbors from two other houses were also outside. I called the local police department to ask about the electricity situation and they explained that there had been a large accident on Taylor Street that had taken out several telephone poles and electric lines and that Oncor was working to fix it. I wondered why we had not heard anything with Taylor Street being four blocks away but did not think much else about it.

The neighbors and I were in the middle of the street talking and I told them that it would be back on once Oncor fixed the poles.

The neighbors from one house went back inside. The neighbors from the corner and I stayed outside talking. I told them I could see better outside than in my house because the moon is so bright tonight. She looked up and said, "Oh my God!! It stopped in the air".

I looked behind me, to the North and saw what at first I thought might be a plane, but very low and it was just stopped in mid air. It started to move slowly and made no noise. It appeared to be either triangular shaped or at least the lights were.

There were 3 lights in a triangular pattern. One was white, one was red and the other flashed from blue to green. It flew over us and to the South going very slow and never made a sound.

After it passed over all the electricity came back on. We all just stared. Her husband said "I think it is a plane". She said, it made no noise and was a triangle and just stopped in the air!, planes don't do that". I said I saw it stopped also. And we just all went in the house.