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Occurred : 10/4/2014 22:30 (Entered as : 04.10.14 22:30)
Reported: 10/9/2014 6:57:24 AM 06:57
Posted: 10/10/2014
Location: Lisbon (Portugal),
Shape: Diamond
Duration:3- minutes
40 small illuminated craft seen flying across river in Lisbon

I have not reported this to anybody else. I am a retired (30 yr) Met Police Officer (UK). My wife and 2 friends were walking along the river in Lisbon, on the north side, (approx opposite the huge Statue to Christ). An elderly man who was clearly fishing was pointing at the sky excitedly. saying "the Portuguese airforce just went that way, they are bombing Syria". We all laughed at him. I noted that a few other strangers had stopped because he was so exciteable, and I said to them (they were Dutch or German), "He has had a bit too much aguadente". Then 5 minutes later, after we had moved on about 50 yards, I saw something I wish I had never seen. I would rather not have seen it. About 1000 to 2000 feet up, and maybe 3 to 5 thousand feet away, were about 40 "craft" (my friend thinks 60) .. diamond shaped with white lights around the edges. They were "flying" no noise, from my right to left. I saw purple and green in the! middle of one or two of them. The others say they cannot recall that. Our two friends are responsible adults who live in the USA (details supplied if requested). Some of the craft hovered in one position. Others jerked down and upwards. I joked to my friend, "are we being invaded". But truthfully,we cannot think of an explanation. We thought maybe they were some kind of "projection" by a prangster, but there was too much up and down movenent of some of these, while others remained on course, and the area covered was too big for a projection. I know you are going to think I have been drinking! (any lie detector would show that this is a true account). Like I said, I wish I had never seen it. And we watched them all fly over the river and disappear into clouds. I swear I saw the rear of the craft.. there was a double dimension to this. How big were they? Because of the distance, I would say, maybe as large as an estate car. If you have any questions for me, please contact me. I will tell you more, and who we are, if you wish. We did have phones/cameras with us.. but each one of us was awe struck, and didn't talk to each other about taking a photograph, so we didn't photograph this, which I now regret. And because of that fact, we may not be believed. I have googled "UFOs over Lisbon", and this appears not to have been reported. There was a young couple standing just a couple of feet behind us, and they did not photograph it either.. they seemed equally bemused. I am open to any logical suggestion as to what this was ... "please". My friend's wife said, "It must have been drones".. but there was "no noise", they were all illuminated. And besides, doesn't one "drone" cost millions... so 60 of them... in close proximity... I do not think so. I saw an aircraft approaching Lisbon airport travelling from left to right... These things did not move like any aircraft I ever saw.... It is all bizarre !!!! The night was clear and crisp. I looked at my w! atch.. it was 2230 hrs.

I have just realized that your centre is in the USA... (does that matter??).. Our two friends, are US citizens, and later, perhaps you could speak to them...

e mail me if you wish .. and perhaps I can respond with my contact details. I cannot see any UFO society in Portugal, although there possibly is.. and if there is, we are happy to speak with them.

I did email one of my ex colleagues a day or so later .... to tell him about it. (he probably thinks I am mad!!)