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Occurred : 10/17/2014 20:00 (Entered as : 10/17/14 20:00)
Reported: 10/19/2014 12:05:45 PM 12:05
Posted: 11/6/2014
Location: Moselle, MS
Shape: Changing
A sky full of UFOs in our sight all night

At first we was laying outside relaxing looking at stars. I had a couple drinks and I thought my mind was playing games with me when I saw vivid objects right in front of me. The harder we looked at the stars we realized these aren't stars. I saw one distant flashing something that caught my eye. I just knew I was imagining until Randy asked if I saw it and we was seeing the same thing. We studied harder and harder and there was more than one of the weird flashing star. We watched it together as it transformed into at least ten different obvious pictures.

As we talked to each other and realized we both saw the same thing, We stood up found one in clear view looked at it and it became clear. Like a space ship flashing blue then changing shapes, dimensions, colors, etc.. Something you thought was never possible. As we stared and talked to each other we noticed it kept moving closer but fast and all of a sudden in literally half a second it flew down in front of u! s turned around and flew back. This sent us in serious fear running inside freaking out. We go on the front porch look at the sky only to find that there's over 100 ufos flying around us. All so different and unique but nothing we've ever seen or can comprehend so I will use what vocabulary I have to try to describe these mystery machines. As me and Randy are looking at all this going on in the sky in the trees to our right was a strange bold orange glow circle that caught your eye. I thought well that's weird but I don't know. Later looking at it we noticed the orange circle had a red beam coming out.. We could tell it was tall rectangle and could love right and left almost as it was scanning us. As we are witnessing this we don't want to be the only ones to see it so we call over a friend to come make sure we are really seeing what we are seeing. As she pulled up and we pointed stuff out at first she only saw stars, but as you stare longer you can vividly see the objects ! and size. Kind of. She told us that she saw it and it was some! thing cr azy going on up there. We kept calling people over to come witness what we was seeing, most laughing and saying "what drugs are you on" like no really, please come see this. so we was up to 5 people watching in amazement, shock, and fear. As we were all scared watching from the porch Randy would get closer. Then out of no where a green laser is on his chest. He freaked and we all ran inside slowly making it back out to keep watching the magic show in the air. My paw paw who thought we was crazy and a non believer came down and as we showed him and he really saw it he actually admitted it. He was truly frightened and went home. The main things are the flashing blue "mother ships" there was about 18 in view. Each flashing blue and changing to a white halo form at different times or a suoer bright white thing. Occasionally sending out red dots. The next thing we noticed we called "glow worms" they looked like little glow worms in the sky moving we! irdly but as any light would be shone around them you could then tell that these things were like helicopters? They flew around in no certain way just weirdly with huge wings. You can not describe the size, shape or texture everything seemed paper thin floating weirdly in the wind. We also saw the flashing blue mother ships open up and let out two flashing blue "babies" we watched both of them float down to our yard. When they hit the ground a white light came on them and they literally explored. We lost them as they scattered. They were literally dropped 40 feet in front of us. All of a sudden from the side of our yard just SWOOSH flashing hovercraft going so fast you could barely see it, but you could hear it. It flew out of no where right over our heads, and it sounded like a plane, it was silent and out of no where for three second just a loud jet plane sound. This scared Christy home. The flashing blue mother ships then let out a long "rope" I can't! describe it any other way, and somehow picked up the babies o! ff the g round and picked them up swinging them in the air like reeling them in but not all the way in. They would let the babies hang under them but thanks to the flashing blue lights you could clearly see a rope type something coming out both literally connected. as we stared at the sky and tried to connect what we could we was finally able to put together a hugeeeeeeeeeee gray ship the size of double our trailer hovering above us. It wasn't easy to spot but as we looked straight up you could just see the shadow. With all kind of compartments and lights. It opened up in weird places releasing flashes of light. Some ufos would send down a bright white light to the ground that looked exactly like a shooting star. But we watched about 15 of these so we knew they was shooting something down here.We walked inside walked out and noticed half of everything that was in the sky was gone... However some stuck around for hours almost like they didn't want to leave us cause they was watching u! s. I would say start to finish for us we noticed them around 9 pm and didn't see them all gone until sun rise. As we watched as long as we could as most cleared out we noticed a massive platform. HUGE. We then heard weird noises coming from around us it was weight on leaves, a gargley weird notice, and the sound of a bird getting his head chewed off. Me and randy realized that we was the only two actually amazed that it was happening. Everyone else to scared to stay or admit it, they just didn't seem as interested as me and randy. Me and randy could see the smallest things and tell what they was. This was one of the most life changing experiences of my life and scariest moment ever. I fear the unknown and what we saw going on was to crazy to comprehend. As we wondered the whole time why here? Why us? Why won't they leave? Who is controlling this? I mean the ships would literally tansform into a flat line. How does it know where to fly? Oh yeah we also noticed a red light c! oming from back yard we did not look further into because we k! new for a fact we had no kind of red lights around and it was a huge red beam with white on top like on the ground it looked like that's where they landed or something but like I said we wouldn't go close enough to actually see. We did notice when we first realized it was a UFO we immediately got negative vibes. Paranoid, scared, unsure of self. The technology was unbelievable. Something my brain literally could not Phathm at all. When it finally turned daylight we went to search outside to see if we could find any evidence from where we saw the ships dropping stuff all over our land. But we found nothing. But as we looked in the tree forest not to far into it we both saw it. Yes a space ship. We both froze just thinking are you serious? Did they really park this in our back yard? We could perfectly see the tall 4 metal legs that was tall as the trees with a metal egg shaped thing on the legs with green stripes. We immediately started walking towards it and when we got there, nothin! g was there.. At All. We looked again from where we was originally standing and nothing was there. My cats were weirdly paranoid and all ran inside with a look of fear. When we was inside peeking thru the windows we also saw one of the glow worm air plane things 3 feet from us hovering right there by our front porch as soon as we went to get a picture it was ZOOOP gone.