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Occurred : 10/24/2014 03:00 (Entered as : 10/24/2014 3:00)
Reported: 11/9/2014 3:18:18 PM 15:18
Posted: 11/14/2014
Location: Mono (Canada), ON
Shape: Diamond
Duration:10 minutes
Oct 24, 2014, Clear dark night sky, no moon. Our house is situated on top of the hill about 400 m above the sea level, forest around. It is 40 KM north from GTA.

My husband walk up about 3 am and looked through the window toward the East. He noticed triangular or oval shape object, stationary with many tiny lights on the outline, blinking and changing colour. My husband is a professional engineer, corporate director, solid ethics. He remembers blue and red for sure. The lights were pulsating quickly. He taught "that's strange", then went to the washroom, when he came back, the object was still there hanging above the tree line, not moving. He observed it for couple of minutes than just went to bed (!!!) He does not believe in UFO, he is even annoyed if I bring up this topic. I was floored by his indifference to the event and was deeply disappointed that he didn't wake me up. I have binoculars always ready, so I could check it up. Funny thing, before going to bed I went on the balcony and looked at the beautiful clear sky full of stars and said to myself : "why don't you guys show yourself" ...thinking about UFO of course. I had never seen anything interesting.

I remember that the same night I was waken up because my husband was screaming while asleep so I tough he had a nightmare. I didn't check what time it was. I could send a sketch as pdf by e-mail if you are interested.

I wonder if somebody else could see it, but it would be unlikely, as there is no much traffic at this early hour. Living near the airport for many years we know how airplane lights look like. By his account, it wasn't an airplane.

I listen to Coast to Coast every day and love to hear your UFO updates on the air.

Best Regards, Iwona