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Occurred : 11/13/2014 17:00 (Entered as : 11/13/14 17:00)
Reported: 11/14/2014 1:14:05 PM 13:14
Posted: 11/14/2014
Location: West Milton, OH
Shape: Other
Duration:3 minutes
Airccraft that looked like a small airliner hovering less than 100 feet off the ground.

At around 5:00 p.m., a friend and I looked off into a field to our left and saw what appeared to be a small passenger airliner. It was grey in color with a red stripe, it had red lights on the rear fins. It was less than 100 feet off the ground hovering in mid air.

We watched it for around 2-3 minutes and then continued down the road.

I'm not sure if it is related but as a side note 2 air force officers showed up in my small town at the funeral home today. When no one answered they came across the street to my house and looked in the window. I was out of the line of sight but saw their shadows. The proceeded across the street to a auto shop, I went over and talked to the men at the shop and they confirmed they were air force. They claimed their cell phones had died and were trying to get a hold of the funeral home.

A gentlemen at the shop confirmed their had been a burial at the cemetery in town today. So I'm not saying it's related just odd 2 air force officers show up the next day in a town of a little more than 1000.