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Occurred : 11/23/2014 17:25 (Entered as : 11/23/14 17:25)
Reported: 11/24/2014 6:26:22 AM 06:26
Posted: 11/26/2014
Location: Dover, NH
Shape: Fireball
Duration:5-7 minutes
Orange spheres travelling in a pack of 10-15 moving left to right across the sky in Dover NH

We were letting the dog out because he was freaking out inside. The weather was abnormally warm for New England in late November. Hardly any wind and around 50 degrees.

My wife noticed it first. Moving left to right from the horizon were what looked like orange orb fireballs. Moving very slow high up in the atmosphere about the size of a ping pong ball if you were holding it in your hand stretched out. It was like watching meteors entering our atmosphere one by one but in slow motion. They were travelling very slow. The formation was way too consistent for it to be a Chinese Lantern. I would say between 10-15 objects came through then vanished. My video caught them as you see in most videos but it was nothing compared to the experience. The video actually picked up more of them coming in real fast then zig zagging out of the atmosphere at speeds I have never seen before.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness and he sounded to us to be quite serious-minded and credible. PD))

I am 39, my wife is 42, and my daughter is 19 and we all were pretty freaked out by the experience. I have seen nothing in the Dover/Somersworth area on the news, but I do know that 10 miles from my house was the Exeter sighting 30+years ago.

The Dover Police dept did take a few calls similar to mine. I also saw a woman in Rochester 2 years ago documented the same thing I saw. That town is only 7 miles away.