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Occurred : 12/7/2014 12:07 (Entered as : 12/7/2014 20:07)
Reported: 12/7/2014 12:36:25 PM 12:36
Posted: 12/12/2014
Location: Simi Valley, CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:1 minute
A black round object flew across the sky in day time from East to West in Simi Valley

A round black and purple object flew across the sky from East to West at the constant speed, without making any sound in almost clear sky. It was observed by 3 people - a 39 yrs old guy, working in IT industry and well educated, his 8 yrs old daughter, who is in third grade and his 64 yrs old mom, who has been science teacher for most of her life.

Initially, the dad thought it was a helium balloon left free by some kid, but the round object flew at a constant height and constant speed and it flew across the sky instead of going up, as in helium balloon. We cannot recollect seeing any such object before and so we think it is an alien object. We could not take picture because it flew off our sight in 1 minute.


Hi Peter,

Sorry, I submitted the time incorrectly. We sighted it on Dec 7th, 2014, at 12:07 PM Pacific Time, which is still 12:07 is 24 hour format. It was about an hour ago and obviously 20:07 hasn't happened yet :).

The sky was clear with little clouds at the time of sighting. We were playing in backyard, watching humming birds when we saw this object. First I thought it was a helium balloon because it was about the same size, but its speed, height and direction didn't gel with any free flying balloon. It was flying towards Thousand Oaks which is west of Simi Valley and I am sure others might have seen it if someone was driving in the car or outside looking towards sky.

My daughter was first to notice, then my mom, and then me. My mother said, she observed something like fans on either side of round object, but when I looked up it was a bit far and didn't notice anything like that.

Hope this helps. Thank you for your attention.

((witness's name deleted))