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Occurred : 12/8/2014 22:01 (Entered as : 12082014 22:01)
Reported: 12/8/2014 9:51:52 PM 21:51
Posted: 12/12/2014
Location: Arvada, CO
Shape: Light
Duration:10 minutes
Amber Light Changes Solid Red

Just went outside to bring the trash out in my neighborhood. Happen to notice a amber gold light that was heading south towards Lakewood. The light was right over my house here in town, and flew overhead above me. This was not a commercial type plane or such. As I watched the light/object continue on a southern heading, it began to take on another color. It changed into a solid "Red Ball!", about the size of dime in distance! The light now was a round ball of solid red light. Not only did it change color, it was moving slower and began pulsating on and off!

I remember back in 2000 when my parents and I went down to visit the then first of it's kind here CO, The UFO Watchtower in the Valley! That was the first time my father and I had seen such light of this nature! It was just like the one we had seen down in Hooper in 2000.This "Red Ball" of light is always haunting to see! I always see this type of UFO here in CO. Whatever it is,it is not ours. And it is intelligent. Tonight was not the first time I have seen the "Red Ball" of light. During the earlier part of this year in Feb,I had witnessed several "Red Balls" of light. In Feb., the lights were in a Triangle formation here in Arvada. Heading West toward Golden. I had made my report and contacted this site about it.I am just amazed how I can be in the right place at the right time to catch a good view of these lights. Lucky I am. I also have been reading Messages by Stan Romanek! And he too, has seen lights just like the ones I see. I guess this makes me wonder, what the heck are these lights doing? And why here in CO period!! Not sure! But can say this,whatever they are,they move like nothing we have! And disappear just as they appear as fast as they do! I know I will keep looking up and keep on reporting to better help all other investigators in getting to the bottom of what these lights are.