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Occurred : 12/18/2014 21:30 (Entered as : 12 21:30)
Reported: 12/20/2014 4:28:18 AM 04:28
Posted: 12/22/2014
Location: Cape Coral/Punta Gorda, FL
Shape: Unknown
Duration:1.25 minutes
Unknown object over North Cape Coral/Punta Gorda.

I wanted to share what my wife and I saw the other night. I googled UFO Punta Gorda/Cape Coral to see if there was a news report of a UFO that night, and came across this website.

Thursday night, my wife and I were in bed, and I got up to close our bedroom window for the night. We are used to seeing planes in the area since there is more than one airport in close proximity. What we saw that night occurred above the Yucca Pens Unit Wildlife Management Area from our best guess. When I went to close the window, I noticed a red/blue/yellow light, and I at first assumed it was an extremely slow moving plane.

After a few seconds I mentioned to my wife that there was plane or something with more lights then I have seen before. She took a look and didn’t mention the lights but said, “It’s not moving,” so I am there staring at it to see if it moves, then I don’t know to explain it but it moved abruptly then stopped again.

At that point it had our full attention. I asked my wife if she saw what I just witnessed and she confirmed that she had. It then stayed stationary long enough for my wife to lay back down. I could not stop watching since I was curious to what I seeing.

The next thing is literally like something out of a movie. The thing shot upwards (vertically), then it disappeared in the horizon. I said to my wife that it shot up vertically then disappeared to the North.

Then it shot back South to where I could see it and my wife and I watched it and were just both were asking each other if the other could see what was happening.

We are not into this kind of stuff but jokingly I high fived her and said scratch that off my bucket list. I have no idea what we saw but it is absolutely nothing like anything else I have ever experienced in my life.


The date was this past Thursday night, 12/18/14. We are both professionals that deal with the public and have not considered contacting the press. I just came across this website trying to search if anyone reported something to the news. It's truly something that leaves you at a loss for words. I have only mentioned it to one close friend.

Thank you,

((name deleted))