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Occurred : 12/27/2014 21:00 (Entered as : 12/27/14 21:00)
Reported: 12/28/2014 12:25:44 AM 00:25
Posted: 1/7/2015
Location: Reno, NV
Shape: Disk
Duration:3 minutes
Blue ring with red blinking dots inside caught on video moving in the sky in irregular patterns.

Walking home from work when I saw blue and red blinking lights much like a plane. It wasn't until it shot across the sky that I took more notice of what it was.

A circle of blue lights with 3 red lights in a triangle formation in the center that blinked at differing intervals. I'm not sure of the shape because it had definite mass blocking out the stars that did not have lights on it.

It changed direction multiple times at varying speeds before stopping and hovering for a few seconds.

All the lights started pulsing before it moved away out of sight at a faster speed than any plane I've ever seen in the sky.

I caught the majority of the event on video.