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Occurred : 12/25/2014 18:30 (Entered as : 12/25/2014 18:30)
Reported: 1/8/2015 6:16:59 PM 18:16
Posted: 1/9/2015
Location: North Myrtle Beach, SC
Multiple witnesses have a neon-colored, glowing, ball fly around them.


"On December 25 2014 my husband sister and I went for a walk along the beach (approximate location 603 S ocean blvd North Myrtle Beach.) It was around 6:30 at night.

My sister was on the sand sitting with her son playing. We were ten feet away with standing, with our infant son sitting on my head. My husband was holding the babies legs and standing closely face to face.

I quickly saw a neon glowing ball zip around my sister/s head and around us. My husband immediately jumped back and asked if I heard that (he was yelling). I told him I saw it and he caught it out of the corner of his eye as well. I asked if it was a laser light…but he explained he would not have heard a laser light….as someTHING had flown by his head so quickly that one ear heard it and then the other.

I then questioned if it could be a drone, but knew in my mind that no one could fly one that fast with SUCH INCREDIBLE precision to get so close around our heads and not hit us. The way this object flew with accuracy around my sister and her child…and our child that was on my shoulders was crazy.

My husband--who is a teacher, made us leave the beach because he was freaked out. I kept questioning if I had really just seen what I remember I had seen. My sister was speechless as well.

I am a believer……now including the rarely seen, and unexplained.