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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/15/2015 20:20 (Entered as : 3-15-15 20:20)
Reported: 3/16/2015 1:18:09 PM 13:18
Posted: 3/20/2015
Location: Truckee, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:5-8 minutes
Group of lights with rapid movent and chasing

Alerted by civilians to lights in the sky. Walked out with three partners and looked to north sky. Saw 6-7 lights moving In a a group. Lights would change direction rapidly and move laterally any direction. One light sped up very rapidly and appeared to taunt the other light. It would rotate around the other light in a movement best described as a pendulum movement. Those lights then rapidly separated and moved toward one of the other lights and immediately formed a perfectly sided triangle which held in place for a few minutes. Two of the other In the group continued east of the triangle and then all lights moved together spread out but in a group moving to the north until they went behind a large mountain range. Just prior to loosing sight of the group what could be called a rogue light came along into our view traveling north east and then instantly change direction to move due north as if to catch the larger group. The movements were not terrestrial in any way shape or form. No sounds no blinking lights just a constant white light.