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Occurred : 3/20/2015 20:05 (Entered as : 03/20/15 20:05)
Reported: 3/20/2015 11:07:38 PM 23:07
Posted: 3/26/2015
Location: Long Beach, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration:6 seconds
Loud military jet precedes 2 fast-moving yellow-orange orbs

My wife and I had a spectacular UFO sighting tonight.

We were all settled in for an episode of Vice (HBO), when I heard a loud whoosh, but I thought it was part of the soundtrack of Vice. My wife exclaimed, "What the hell was that?" So she's looking out the window behind the couch explaining to me that the sound was coming from outside. I followed her as she dashed out the front door.

I could still hear the trademark military jet-type whooshing sound in the distance. It's sort of an irregular pulsating whoosh that starts suddenly and ends as suddenly as it started, and then repeats that maybe five or six times afterwards, the sound fading off.

So we're standing out front looking at the cloudless sky, and I'm telling her "You know, sometimes when military jets are sent low over areas they don't usually don't fly over, it means there was a UFO spotted in the area." And not 30 seconds later, out of my left eye I see a light-orange-yellow spherical-shaped light moving NNE to SSW high in the SSW sky moving SSW through the constellation Orion.

About a second later, as I'm alerting my wife to what I'm seeing, a second light that looked just like the first light appeared about 3" at arm's length to the west, moving exactly parallel with the first light. A second later, the second light faded out, and the first light continued on with its SSW trajectory a couple more seconds and quickly faded out.

I've seen probably 100 meteors, including 2 fireballs, 6 or so comets, satellites. And I've seen some unidentified stuff, too. But this was by far my most spectacular and unusual sighting. I'm 58.

They moved slower than a meteor but much faster than any jet I've seen at that apparent distance.

We both got the sense that the lights were at least 10,000 feet up. They certainly weren't real close.

I got a real good look at the lights. They weren't steady, like light bulbs. Nor did they strobe. They were distinctly round, but diffuse, and they gave the appearance that they were moving behind a sheet of water, or slightly translucent film with an irregular surface. At the point of fade they were maybe 40% of the diameter of a full Moon.

Some years ago when I spent a lot of time during the day at home, quite a few times I'd hear the same identical sound of a military jet overhead or nearby. They're tremendously loud. Only once did I catch a glimpse of it. It was flying north to south towards or maybe past downtown Long Beach, which is due west. I didn't know about the UFO connection back then. I wonder if some (all?) of those incidents were UFO related.

By far the most unusual "object" I've ever seen in the sky.

And I kinda-sorta predicted it. ;)


This is a better and more detailed synopsis than the one I submitted to NUFORC a little while ago.


On the evening of March 20th, my wife and I had an incredible UFO sighting that I posted about here.

Last night we had another UFO sighting. Same part of the sky - south of Long Beach, CA over the Pacific.

At about 10:05 PM, I went outside to sky-gaze as I often do. It was fairly overcast. The Moon, which sat high in the WSW sky, was shrouded by the low clouds and cast a diffuse glow. A couple of minutes later, due south and about 30 degrees above the horizon, another diffuse light appeared behind the clouds. It was white and looked similar to how the Moon looked, but not as diffuse. It gradually grew brighter, and as it did, two other similar looking diffuse white circles of light appeared, forming an equilateral triangle. They were all about a third to half the diameter of a full Moon and two to three finger widths apart at arm's length.

At this point I yelled for my wife, called her on my cell, and knocked on the pane glass living room window to get her attention. She came running out with her i-phone and saw the triangular formation just before it faded out. As those three lights faded out, a brighter light appeared in between where the other three lights were, and grew brighter, casting a bright glow against the surrounding clouds. We could make out a fairly well-defined bright star-like light at the center and the surrounding glow it cast was about three-quarters the diameter of a full Moon. She managed to catch that final light on video before it faded about 30 seconds later.

All of these lights were perfectly stationary.

I stayed out for another hour, but I didn't see any more.