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Occurred : 3/31/2015 21:30 (Entered as : 3/31/2015 19:00)
Reported: 3/31/2015 7:45:17 PM 19:45
Posted: 4/3/2015
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:30 second
walked outside to see a craft i couldnt believe, even as i was staring at it trying to find reason to dismiss it.

i was leaving my house at around 9:30pm to run to arbys to get some dinner, as i walked out i noticed how clear the sky was and looked towards orion since it is always in view and beautiful on a clear night from my front yard. as i looked at orion i seen a airplane flying in front of it.

now here is the strange part, as i turned my head towards the southeast to scan the sky, i seen a triangle craft with 4 large lights, almost taking up the whole bottom of the plane, gliding across the sky. almost directly overhead.

after i caught view of the craft my mouth dropped and i turned away. having seen this same thing as a child i always wondered if i was just tired as a kid and imagined something. when i turned back to the craft it was to my surprise that it was still there. it continued completely silently arcoss the sky until i lost view of it behind a tree and the horizon.

now i feel pretty fortunate because this was a long enough event that i was able to process some of it while it was happening.

initially my mind said "wow that is a unique craft, maybe the local air guard base is trying out some new toys, or there is a stealth mission flying overhead" as neither of these event are uncommon. and i try to be skeptical, maybe to a fault.

after i thought of this i strained to focus on the craft, it was then i noticed that the craft had a triangle shape "fuselage" for lack of a better word. coming off of this fuselage were "wings", coming off the rear of the craft extending the overall triangle shape of the craft. it is hard to describe through text, but it was like a large triangle with the bottom third missing except for strips along the edges.

there was two large lights on the fuselage taking up the majority of the frame, while the wings or tails, had two lights about half the size, again taking up the majority of the frame of the craft. they were a dim yellow, constant, and i can think of no purpose for them, they were not indication lights, unless it was to indicate to someone below the craft.

the movement of the craft was completely silent. when i was trying to figure out what it was i paused a moment and tried to listen to anything that might be a jet engine.only to hear nothing of the sort, just normal city noise.

now the size of the craft is something that confuses me. I hesitate to offer an estimation as i have no real source for my comparison except everyday life. to me it looked the size of a jetliner maybe 1-5000 feet up. a comparison for me would be a jetliner taking off and being maybe 30-45second into flight. not that ive seen that exact scenario, but that is the estimation i can give.

It looked huge, i could see the edges, i could make the outline, but it appeared as though it was shrouded by clouds. it could be that the craft was huge and flying in the clouds, but there is no way any craft ive seen would look that big being up in the clouds. if this craft was up in the clouds, i couldnt even give you an estimate as to size. i have no comparison, simple as that.

if the craft were closer to ground, the size would seem more plausible,barely. still the shape and silence of the craft wouldn't. but none the less, closer to the ground brings the issue of why was it shrouded by clouds.

i wont deny that i have had a fascination with UFOs, airplanes, spacecraft, science in general. which makes this experience even more shaking. I frequent nasa's page, i play computer games where you build aircraft, ive always had a passion for aviation. i COULD NOT explain what i was looking at. even while i was looking at it, trying to think of possible critiques and explanations.