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Occurred : 1/10/2013 05:20 (Entered as : 1/10/2013 5:20)
Reported: 4/17/2015 6:15:35 PM 18:15
Posted: 4/23/2015
Location: North Olmsted, OH
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:20 seconds
Stand up Domino Shaped object with Grid chambers of very intense white plasma light strongest white light I have ever seen.

Domino shape standing upright object. Size of football field . Grid chambers of intense very bright plasma white light within the domino shaped object. Light had a liquid looking movement. Object was stationary in very dense thick cloud cover. Object approx 1400 ft above ground. Object expressed a mist fog like heat shedding from the bottom left corner which looked like the plasma light inside of it must of been very hot and was having a reaction to the very cold temps of January weather here.