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Occurred : 4/23/2015 02:30 (Entered as : 04/23/15 2:30)
Reported: 4/23/2015 8:56:17 AM 08:56
Posted: 4/23/2015
Location: Mt. Orab, OH
Shape: Sphere
Duration:1 hour
The object looked like a star and hovered, moving only a small amount in an hour's time.

At 2:30 a.m. on April 23, 2015, I awoke to let my dog inside. Standing at the kitchen door, I happened to notice a really bright, white “star” in the western sky (located at about 2:00, when facing south; 10:00 if facing north.) It did not move forward in the sky at all, so I dismissed it as being a plane. I looked at it for a few seconds and noticed that it was moving slightly in all directions—right, left, up, and down—in no particular order. The movement was very subtle, which made me think, at first, that my eyesight was wavering. The light hovered in the sky at a distance. From our house, it appeared larger than a pen point; however, it was a good deal smaller than the eraser on the end of a pencil. It could be seen about a foot to the left of our neighbor’s tree, which is located in her back yard, I would say, about a 200-foot distance from the west entrance to our house.

I studied it for about ten minutes, and because it hovered, in proximity, close to the same place, I decided it probably was not a helicopter. I woke my husband, telling him, “Come see this.” He awoke immediately and came to the door. We analyzed the “light,” and he agreed that it was a little strange, hovering as it was. He stood and watched it for about ten minutes longer. The light continued to stay in approximately the same place, hovering but unchanging, so he headed back to bed.

I watched the light for a while longer and tried to make out a shape, but could not with my bare eyes. I attempted to take a photo with my cell phone camera. The photo showed nothing discernable. Then, I tried to take a photo with our new, digital camera, but was not familiar enough with the camera yet to get enough light in order to have an image show up.

I watched for a while longer, then went to find some binoculars. I came back to see the light still hovering in the same spot. It was pretty fuzzy, and it took me looking around a bit to decide that the “star” was what I had in my sight. I caught the neighbor’s streetlight (in the front of her house) in the sight and moved to the right, past the back of her house.

Through the binoculars, the light appeared as a perfect sphere that, though fuzzy, was a grayish, mottled ball, rolling forward at a moderate speed with some shadows and contours. There was a symmetrical dot off-center on the left surface of the ball tha! t made me think that the ball was rolling forward, because it would disappear and appear once more within seconds.

I know that there was visual contrast between the grey of the star and the dot; I think the dot was white, but this is the only detail that I’m not sure about. (I didn’t make note of anything until I sit, writing this.)

I continued to watch for about another twenty-five minutes, until about 3:30. In that time, I noticed that the “light” had inched its way closer to the neighbor’s tree, (still at a subtle hover and still at a large distance, but appearing a little smaller). When it began to slip behind the tree, hindering my view, I went off to bed.

((NUFORC Note: Planet, we suspect. Perhaps Jupiter, which would be in that area of the sky, at the time indicate. PD))