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Occurred : 5/8/2015 22:40 (Entered as : 05/08/15 22:40)
Reported: 5/11/2015 8:43:04 AM 08:43
Posted: 5/13/2015
Location: Mercersburg, PA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:45 minutes
Mysterious orange lights over Mercersburg, PA.

My mother, a friend and myself were sitting on the front porch enjoying the evening. At approximately 22:40 we noticed a pulsating orange and yellow sphere traveling what we believe to be SE to NE. At first we thought it was a plane with its collision lights on but as it got closer I knew that the light was not white but orange. There were no blinking red and green lights and the light did not diminish in intensity until after it had traveled several miles past our location. There were no apparent sounds from a jet engine or props, just quiet, even though it appeared to be less than a mile away.

We thought it may have been a military chopper but it would have had to been flying extremely quiet. Then we noticed a second light on the SE horizon heading our direction. We were discussing whether the object had circled when we noticed several more appearing from the same direction. I then went in to the house to grab my cell phone to take some photos and get my wife to come out to look at what we were seeing. Within the next 20 minutes we observed approximately 36 of these lights all the about the same size, with the same color characteristics, flying the same direction from the same area as the others appeared, with no noise and eventually going dark at about 3 to 5 miles from our location.

Their speed was slow almost to the point of what I would call floating but definitely moving faster than a balloon but slower than a helicopter. At several times we had 6 to 8 objects in clear view and several times it appeared as though they were flying in V shaped formations. There was one instance when it looked as though 2 objects were going to collide and at the last second they both changed direction to avoid collision. The objects did not have any distinct markings or defined edges. As they pulsated they appeared as almost opaque.

At first we thought possibly the military was doing maneuvers since it was Friday night but then we became more skeptical as to what these lights were. I talked with a neighbor about ten minutes later and he felt it may have been the military flying drones. None of us who witnessed this event quite know what we saw and were in total dismay because we could not come up with a definitive answer as to what the objects were or why they were in the area.

I have photos on my cell phone but to the naked eye they appear as small dots in the dark sky and I was unable to see as much as I did with the naked eye so they were no help. However if you want to see them I will supply them upon request. I have been looking to see if anyone else had the occurrence for the same area and time