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Occurred : 5/24/2015 22:40 (Entered as : 5/24/15 22:40)
Reported: 5/25/2015 9:09:09 AM 09:09
Posted: 5/29/2015
Location: Southwick, MA
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 minutes
Purple light, changing shape to spinning colorful disk shap., Fast flying and hovering high and low.

I was in my kitchen last night when something out the window caught my eye. At first I though it was fireworks that a neighbor was shooting but quickly realized that it wasn't when the light came back over my house in the other direction.

I then thought it might be a meteor shower but the small purple light then quickly evolved in to a circular shape and started spinning colors from purple to yellow. The center looked either hallow or black. (I couldn't tell because it was dark outside). It flew over the trees and houses at times lowering and hovering then shooting up so high I could hardly make it out.

It came back again flying fast then stopping and hovering. I couldn't believe my eyes and needed someone to validate what I was seeing so I woke up my 12 year old grandson and he was able to witness the last 10 or 15 seconds of this before it just disappeared in a flash.