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Occurred : 5/30/2015 15:30 (Entered as : 5/30/2015 15:30)
Reported: 5/30/2015 8:33:48 PM 20:33
Posted: 6/5/2015
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Shape: Other
Duration:3-45 minutes
Skip/hop/dipping flying craft. Reflective and bright white to completely clear (invisible).

Saturday, May 30th, 2015, Just to start off… It was a warm day with a clear blue sky. I was sitting facing somewhat South? The object was moving South-West.

I went out to the backyard to have a smoke on the porch. After lighting my cigarette, I was just looking out over the street and saw what I first thought was a strip of cloth floating down across the street. After a few seconds of examination, as it was falling slowly (swaying), its appearance was as such; really large, thin, kinda flimsy, kinda heavy, almost belt shaped, yellowish clear with burn marks on it, mica mineral-esque, kind of metallic? But with cloth like properties.

Anyhow, I watched as it drifted downwards across the street and over the house next door. My first thought was, “that was weird,” and then I began thinking, “Where the hell could that have come from anyway? Where could that have fallen from?” I considered the angle, and it appeared to be falling in a way that it was much too heavy to have been picked up by the wind at all (there was only a slight breeze), as it was just drifting downwards. My next thought was, “well whatever, that is just weird.”

I then started looking at the clouds, a few seconds after seeing the weird metallic/mica/cloth/burnt thing. Immediately catching my eye was an incredible bright object a ways off in the sky overhead. My first thought was, “wow that’s a shiny plane.” hah But it wasn’t shaped like a plane, and it immediately stopping reflecting light. I thought I lost sight of it, but then it suddenly got extremely bright again. To compare it to something, I’d have to say it was like just the bright spot on a mirror where it’s reflecting concentrated rays of light. I didn’t think it was weird, as I thought it may just be a plane catching light at a certain angle while spinning or something.

Then as it continued forward (still suddenly really brightly reflecting then not being visible), I realized it wasn’t flying like a plane should fly either; it was kind of dipping down and then back up, and then down, and back up, in the same pattern (you know how they animate planes in cartoons that suddenly run out of gas and putter down and back up; kind of like that), but it was more skipping like a stone across the water.

So, now my brain is processing seeing a strange flying object that suddenly gets really bright and then invisible while skip-flying. It wasn’t like a plane diving down and back up. It was more like a wave riding, hopping motion. Anyway, I immediately decided, “that can’t possibly be a plane, because it doesn’t look like a plane (doesn’t have much shape at all); it’s not spinning or twisting at all or doing anything in any way to reflect light so intensely in that very consistent pattern…” It couldn’t have been a balloon either, as there was no wind and it was moving quickly and everything else I have and will describe. A balloon could not ascend and descend that quickly either, especially in that consistent pattern.

Its hopping/skipping/dipping pattern made me think of that of an extremely large bird with an extremely large wingspan; the way that the b! ody of the bird would dip as it thrusts its wings up and then ! down, but a slightly extended duration at great speed. For a split second, I thought it might even be a really large bird, because of that, but it obviously was not a bird. Birds do not shimmer, or turn invisible, or flap without wings, and they aren’t larger than planes, and aren’t shaped like weird squashed oval triangles. It did not have wings or any specific shape. The object also made no noise at all, and it didn’t leave any contrails, despite its speed. I forgot to mention that the craft had no lights on it, other than the reflected bright white, and it wasn’t any other color but clear and bright white light. It didn’t have any appendages or anything either.

The object wasn’t aflame or anything. It was just really extremely bright white reflected light. After blinking my eyes a couple times for a second something odd happened. The object was apparently so bright that when closing my eyes it created the spot that you get after looking directly at a bright light (even though it had only been a few seconds). This gave me a good idea of the shape of the “craft” I suppose. It was like a stretched oval, kind of like a squashed very rounded obtuse triangle. The shape was hard to discern as it became so bright. The surface appeared pure white, which is I’m guessing because of the crafts reflective properties. I have no idea. I watched this skipping bright then invisible object for a couple minutes until it got to a good distance away. It was moving much faster than a plane at the height that it appeared to be. Another thought I had while I thought it might be a plane, before I noticed everything about it, was that it wasn’t heading down! . The first couple of skip/dips I thought might be plausible for a plane in turbulence that was suddenly damaged (though the sky was clear and no wind), but the pattern was exactly the same every time and the vanishing + reflecting really bright without spinning obviously made it clear that it wasn’t a plane. There was also no smoke or anything. It didn’t have a plane shape, and it was a consistently skipping/dipping really bright then invisible non-descending object. I’m super guessing that it was maybe about 2-5 miles up in the air. This was so astoundingly different and unexplainable that I actually wanted to report it on the national UFO sighting website. It happened. I saw it. Something presumably fell off of it and landed a few houses away (which there is no way I’m going to knock on my neighbors door down the way and ask if they have the weird metallic mica mineral like material that fell near their house). Afterwards, as I snuffed my cigarette out in the dirt, I jus! t thought, “Whatever, like the other random weird things peopl! e see in the sky; I’ll just ignore it and go about my day. Unexplained stuff happens sometimes and I’m not going to jump to conclusions or get all tin foil hat about it.” Anyway, I thought it was over, I was just going to ignore it and whatever. I went back inside and got on my desktop computer. After about 15 minutes….. Something happened. A loud BOOF shockwave like sonic boom sound and the house rattled. The power immediately went off. The pressure and the sound came from the direction that the unidentified skip/hop-flying bright then invisible thing was going. The power went out everywhere. 5 minutes after that there was another smaller pressure wave sound sonic boom-like thing from the same direction. It didn’t sound like an explosion. Both sounded like…. I don’t know.... BUFF or BOOF? Haha Like a massive highly pressurized air pocket the size of a few football fields burst a few miles away? It’s hard to explain. Some of these details may sound like a hot air balloon, but in no way could a hot air balloon do exactly what I saw, or be made of the material that came from it, or create the massive BOOF (that’s what I’m calling it now) and sh! ockwave that turns off electrical devices. Everyone was outside asking one another if their power went out and whether they saw anything. Everyone was looking around for smoke and checking all the transformers. None of them had blown. After about another 8-15 minutes, the power came back on of its own volition. The outage was reported to the local electric company and I checked their outage map. A couple thousand reported people in this area of the city were affected and a few stretching outwards from the direction of the BOOF. There were more concentrated outages closer to the direction of the wave. There aren’t any large transformers that power everyone around here in that direction that I know of.

This was written within a few hours of them happening. The events transpired at some time between 3:20 pm and 5:50 pm. It is now 9:31 pm. The electricity company reports that the cause of the outage is unknown and still under investigation. All these unexplained concurrent events could just be highly unlikely coincidences. Murphy’s law, so whatever I guess?

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))