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Occurred : 5/31/2015 20:00 (Entered as : 5/31/15 20:00)
Reported: 6/1/2015 12:45:27 AM 00:45
Posted: 6/5/2015
Location: Danville, VA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:1 hour
Giant object hiding behind clouds.

This evening, my family and I went to Danville, Va, to watch a movie. Upon exiting the theater, my sister pointed out an extremely strange shadow beyond the clouds of a thunderstorm. The enclosed photos show details of an object with extremely sharp edges with protrusions. Judging by the shadow that was visible, I estimate the object to be the size of a Mountain if not larger. Several other patrons were exiting the theater at the same time and noticed the shadow cast on the sky. Once we got in our vehicles, we went to another location in the city to enjoy the afternoon sunset before the thunderstorm got to Danville.

Again we observed the shadow. Once home while using Google earth, the direct line of distance to the second sighting location of the shadow is 2.66 miles. Using the Dan River as a sight tool and observing the radar display of the storm cell on the Weather Channel app, I was able to determine the cloud base to be between 10 to 15 miles west of our location. I have lived in extremely mountainous terrain and also visited nearly all major metropolitan cities in the US. With that being said, I have never observed such a shadow being cast in the sky during sunset by either of the two. There are no jagged mountain peaks such as you would think that would cast such a shadow in Virginia, only gently rolling hills.

The highest point in Virginia is Mount Rogers at 5,729 feet above sea level. Mount Rogers is approximately 120 miles due west of the location of the second sighting. Again using Google earth, the direction of the shadow, the location of the storm cell, and using the river as a sight tool does no add up to any known land based objects being able to cast a shadow this high into the sky. Therefore, I concluded the object to be airborne and stationary. I also am able to rule out cloud formations as a cause due to not ever being able to recall a cloud produce such a pinpoint and exact shape across the sky. There were a total of 6 persons in my party who witnessed this anomaly. Their ages range from 13 to 55. The photos were taken by an Iphone 5s with HDR in the off, auto and on positions. The photos were taken just outside the theater. The time stamp indicated 20:04 on the first photo and 20:05 on the last.

There were 8 photos of this on my phone when I downloaded them at home. I was unable to obtain photos from the second viewing site because I left my phone in the car to charge. Whatever it was, It was enormous.